Thursday, May 8, 2008

Opinion Ivan Marquez-Farc Secretariate

First blood in their own decimation, she received when respnder to justice. No more smoke curtains, no more like that of Bob Teflon effect, no more journalists lambones perfume or mercenaries with their media campaigns the rotten fumes from the Palacio de Narino. It exhausted the artifices that disguises the portentous illegitimacy of the institutions of Colombia. President Uribe should resign.

His government is the most shameful archetype of illegitimacy in the entire field of Latin American nations. That resigns to respond before the judicial authorities and the ethical conscience of the country for their criminal activities prior to the presidency and during it.

Francisco Hernandez Enrique Villalba, a paramilitary leader, in La Picota prison and witness of emergency just accused President Uribe had planned, being governor of Antioquia, the terrible slaughter of the population of El Aro, in 1997. The meeting of the "Twelve Apostles" of paramilitary activity-which gave the go-ahead for such massacres, took place in La Caucana and attended Alvaro Uribe and his brother Santiago, the army generals: Ospina and Manosalva, the overall Roso Jose Serrano police and paramilitary narco boss Salvatore Mancuso, among others. The houses burned and steaming of El Aro and moans of the dying should riddled consciousness. The Soli presidential becomes bench of the accused!

The government of Mr Uribe is built on thousands of mass graves and massacres, millions displaced and dispossessed land ... on the worst crimes against humanity. His two presidential campaigns were generously financed with $ cocaine of paramilitarism. Entered for the second time in the Palacio de Narino barges on the electoral fraud organized by the director of DAS and the paramilitary leader Jorge 40.

All of their environment and the vast majority of their political masters are already behind bars or fleeing from justice accused of paramilitarism. The latest and most spectacular of these seizures has been the Senator Mario Uribe Escobar, a cousin of President in the blood, in political campaigns and conspiracy to commit an offence. He wanted to escape justice by requesting asylum at the embassy of Costa Rica, forgetting the Protuberans detail that was not a persecuted political state, but the cousin of head of state, President Uribe, who has expressed his sorrow for this arrest. It is safe and going to step things someone will have to present a Bill to convert the prison of La Picota, in alternating headquarters or principal place of Congress this poor republic.

And they're in a long waiting list for the Supreme Court the president of Congress Nancy Patricia Gutierrez, other "honorable fathers of the fatherland", Luis Camilo Osorio, former Attorney General of paramilitarism and Uribe ambassador in Mexico, the former minister Sandra Suarez, the current Finance Minister, senior military officers, some businessmen and ranchers… And there's a Vice Santos named among the founders of the so-called Block Capital of the paramilitaries, and another that Defense Minister Santos met with the Paramilitary leader Carlos Castano to conspiring to overthrow the government of President Samper. And what about the Attorney General's Office, Edgardo Maya, who received directly from his brother the requirements of the bloodthirsty mob and paramilitary Coast… Who does not remember the senator Uribe Velez, as offeror in the red lounge of the Hotel Tequendama an unusual redress the butcher of Uraba, the paramilitary General Rito Alejo del Rio? And still have the nerve to say that these are isolated cases and individual responsibilities.

The illegality and illegitimacy has always been the natural scenery of the political actions of Mr. Uribe. His second consecutive term born of the crime of bribery. They bought the votes they needed for the neck hanks to the Constitution that specifically prohibited presidential reelection in Colombia, leaving indelible mark as a crime, a Pharaonic monuments to the illegitimacy: the Act reformer of the Constitution that finally met its ambition.

With this background of anxiety is not difficult to understand that the military incursion by Colombian troops in Ecuador with the consequent international tension, the unfounded accusations of government in Bogota to the presidents of Venezuela and Ecuador, the stubborn refusal to clearing military Pradera and Florida for the humanitarian exchange, or the medical mission led by French media timbales were thick curtains of smoke and stratagems to plug crime and immorality of a government that deserves all the scorn of Colombians and isolation from the civilized world.

A social enronquecido cry of outrage is rising from below. The people do not want a solution to the crisis arising from heights or the consensus of elites who seek only rotten "Tabula Rasa" so that everything remains under the tyrannical rule of impunity. He wants revocation of illegitimate Congress. New elections. Waiver of illegitimate president. He does not want more political reforms cosmetic or demagogic. When Uribe contrary to the people, calls from his uncertainty strengthening institutions, it does so because he knows that if it is falling Congress should also drop the ringleader of illegitimacy is that the President himself. He wants to impunity and that's why people brought calls for the creation of a super court to deal with trying those congressmen, judges of the courts and the President in a convoluted attempt to shirk its responsibility. "Impunity for all or none". Death Samson and all the Philistines, seems to be the blackmail of his locker. Now being asked to respect the presumption of innocence, but never agreed to this universal right when imprisoned more than 150 thousand people accusing them of being supporters of the guerrillas as part of their illegal raids fascists.

With the Manifesto of the FARC and the flag program of the Platform for the New Colombia Bolivarian call grass-roots organizations in the country, the forces that yearn to dominate the changes, a Grand National Accord aimed at building a new government truly democratic, whose first urgency is peace with social justice. A new government to convene the peace dialogue with the guerrillas. That once the agreement reached with the insurgency and the opinion of the sovereign, endorse this agreement with a National Constituent Assembly to provide the country with a new political charter which enables it to navigate to the New Colombia, with the flag of political and social Liberator, well deployed.

Mountains of Colombia, April 26, 2008
Last Updated (ABP/07/05/2008)

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