Thursday, May 8, 2008

Commandante Raul Presente-Italy campaigne

A few days a resolute demonstration of solidarity in Italy with the Colombian people, when Milan was present at the march last April 25 a strong contingent of internationalists denouncing the fascist regime of Uribe Velez, in Turin also reaffirmed supporting the struggle for the New Colombia.

In the march of the first of May by the international day of workers, which in this city of great tradition worker convenes each year to a range of important political, social and trade union, had great significance commemorating the commander of the FARC - EP Raul Reyes. Several dozen young Italians, Latin Americans and Colombians marched with a large banner which read "Comandante Raul Reyes Presente!" With flags and posters of Colombia with the image of assassinated leader Fariano Artero by the gringos and the Colombian military forces past the first March in Ecuadorian territory. The posters that pay homage to guerrilla commander, were watered throughout the march and were raised and proudly showing by children, students, workers and migrants.

The large demonstration ended in the central Piazza San Carlo, scene of historic elections and worker demonstrations, which took the floor from the stage a representative of the National Association New Colombia. It is worth noting that this non-governmental organization, which in the homeland of Gramsci consists of several hundred members and organized in circles from northern to southern Mediterranean alpine of the peninsula, works in solidarity with the resistance of the Colombian people and support for the Bolivarian project and the political solution of social and Colombian armed conflict for over a decade.

Addressing the crowd, said association spokesman Raúl Reyes reminded the Unionist of worker as Nestle, and militant communist guerilla leader, to committed the search for peace with social justice for the Colombian people. He also denounced the paramilitary mafia and government of Uribe, who heads an evil genocidal dictatorship disguised as "democracy" and urged workers and students Italians to increase solidarity with the resistance of the people of Maria Cano and Jacobo Arenas. Finally, in an emotional demonstration of proletarian internationalism, thousands of people shouted slogans such as "Comandante Raul Reyes, this!" And "Uribe, fascist, you are a terrorist!"

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