Thursday, May 8, 2008

Communique EPR MEXICO

THE COMMISSION ON Intermediacion
Archbishop Emeritus Samuel Ruiz, writer Carlos Montemayor, lawyer and journalist Miguel Angel Granados Chapa, anthropology Gilberto Lopez y Rivas, Senator Rosario Ibarra, Enrique Gonzalez Ruiz, former rector of the Autonomous University of Guerrero and academics from the Autonomous University of Mexico City , And lawyers JOHN OF GOD Hernandez Mongo, DEFENDER General Council strike in 1999.


Respetable citizens and citizens, this means, is established as the only communicate to agree to our conditions and the country, so once again we are communicating with you to make your understanding our position regarding the government's response to Felipe Calderón via Juan Camilo Mouriño Terrazo the initiative made by our People's Revolutionary Democratic Party-Popular Revolutionary Army, PDPR-RPA.

We affirm each of you as a brokerage commission in the form and content raised by you and accepted by us at first and second communication, namely on time for the pursuit of our fellow Edmundo Reyes Amaya and Gabriel Alberto Cruz Sanchez, who were - detainees missing since May 25, 2007.
Special mention should government harassment of being subjected Senator Rosario Ibarra de Piedra, by governorate, disqualified in an informal manner with pueriles arguments that will "Political Parties" intermediation. His track record in defending human rights guarantees that its moral authority for us is more than enough and not act to contentillo government, so that we ratified by the role it has had next to other women who have dedicated their lives in the struggle for liberation of political prisoners and conscience and the presentation of life with all the missing politicians from the dirty war until today.

Therefore veto that the government does not have validity for us.

We are outraged by the government proposal that you Funj only as "social witnesses" disrespectful and aggressive towards their people pretending to ignore his career and moral authority on the one hand and the other with treachery and vulgarity that is manipulated and disqualify the brokerage commission that bravely accepted assume, therefore repudiate the attitude of the government.
We are aware that we categorically reject the government's response Calderon at all and each of its points by perfidious, reflecting crude and deceptive zero political will to solve crimes against humanity that were committed in the country by his government and Governments past. It is simply an unacceptable proposal.
That proposal displays the real priorities of the government headed by Felipe Calderón, which for us and millions of Mexicans remains illegitimate, to gain positioning in the mass media Perversely trying to show "political legitimacy and motion" and "strength and intelligence" . However, is expressed conviction by repression and police-military departures to popular demands.
For our part we continue in the attitude of waiting for a proposal to continue serious and responsible manner according to the seriousness of the case involving enforced disappearances for political reasons. The value of human life and liberty in its highest expression are not cause for strategies and negotiating skills to see who wins or capitulated, the government must deliver all missing persons alive and restore political freedom to all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in the country, this is your chance.

Vives leads them, we love you live!
To demand the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience THE COUNTRY!
On the presentation of all the missing detainees!

Vence or die!
For our comrades proletariat!
Determined to overcome!
WITH the people's war!
THE RPA triumph!

Central Committee
Revolutionary Popular Democratic Party.

General Command
Popular Revolutionary Army

Year 44
From somewhere in Puebla, on May 7, 2008.

c.c.p. In the electronic media and print.

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