Friday, April 4, 2008

Part 3

In line with the 'fighting for the people' policy, there are some other obvious targets. Refugee camps. This kind of activism requires something the others doesn't. Access to fake ID's, a reasonable place to store the refugees (housing), and prepared jobs. The idea of this sort of target, is to liberate refugees from the unbearable conditions in crammed-up housings. Take the danish Sandholm camp for example. Note it is very important only to do this to a refugee camp that meets the following conditions:

1. Gives the inhabitants little hope for the future - no access to jobs, or education for the children, something along those lines.

2. Treats them unfairly. Forcing people to live 4 people in 1 room for example, for giving them no mental simulation - something that can actually drive people insane, and has.

And naturally, if the situation is being fixed, there is no need. The point of this should be to improve the lives of the immigrants, so you will naturally have to ensure they have somewhere to go afterwards, and all that sort of things. You should contact one person inside the refugee camp to have a ground for recruiting people to come with you - forcing someone isn't an option. This should be extremly well though over, and throughly planned.

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