Friday, April 4, 2008

Ideal Targets Lesson 4

The intelligence and 'counter-terrorism' agencies of the world are major treats to all freedom fighters of the world. This is one of the types of activism where mere sabotage isn't necessarily enough - anyone working for these agencies are willing and able to kill you, so you must be prepared to fight back. You have to remember though:

1. Don't go for buildings where non-combatants might work, office clerks, secretaries and such. That would be pointless murder, targets specific secret locations or floors of agency buildings.

2. Make sure to hit nobody else. Critical.

The same rules for discipline and organization counts of this sort of activism as with military targets. Strict discipline, a though-trough battle plan, as well as careful training and exercise beforehand. Good idea's and templates for attacks could be:

#1 Use a bazooka, or other self-propelled rocked to clear out a floor where an Anti-Terror agency either works or store the files about your organization. Picking a random target wont do, this will require intelligence work and careful coordination. Also remember to:
- Check your weapons beforehand - malfunctions could mean death for your unit.
- Ensure you know how to operate the weapon and,
- Calculate the mechanics of the weapon. How will the explosion spread, how can it be directed, that sort. Possibly seek out mercenaries and ex-military people to question. Do this with utmost
caution naturally.

This will naturally be labeled as terrorism by the capitalist media. Do some good gesture to whoever might be left behind, and make a public apology of anyone innocent was caught in the blast - but avoid that.

#2 Get rid of especially cruel or talented leaders. An example could be someone who on multiple occasions has attacked you in public locations, putting civilians at risk, someone who has taken family of friends hostage to lure you out, or someone who authorize bombing of civilian zones. Always make a public statement as to why this one person was a treat - if you can't think of a really good reason, don't do it. A possible other way to get rid of this type of person could be
- A series of near-miss actions (on purpose) to wear him down, ensuring his retirement.
- Plant faulty evidence to get him fired - rather that than have to harm him.
- Do anything you can to avoid resorting to guns. Think up ways to have him either join you, or leave his organization.
- Don't resort to terrorism. Never. Kidnapping family, shooting his friends, all that sort. Don't sink to his level.

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