Friday, April 4, 2008

Part 2

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Part two:
Economic targets.
nother large part of militant anti-imperialism, and anti-capitalism, is sabotaging the biggest and meanest companies. This could be the united fruit company in south America, Microsoft in north America, Mærsk in Europe, and the list continues. All companies that stand out by cruelty, or by supporting wars, capitalism, pollution, and so on, are important.

These sort of target strikes are possible for even the most loosely organized militias/guerrillas, and so on. Some of these targets can be hurt in an "angry mob" style. See the recent Ungdomshuset eviction riots for examples.

When targeting corporations, always keep in mind to:

#1 Try and avoid having people loose their jobs. That's no good, you should rather aim to cripple the corporation, not just destroy any concrete location. Countries with strong welfare and trade unions (Who would secure wages and such from the firm - weakening them further) can possibly consider to ignore this pointer. Consider hard though - could your organisation possibly support them?

#2 Don't hurt anybody. I cannot point this out strongly enough. If you want to blow up a factory, do it a Sunday, or a day off, something like that. Your goal should always be to help the workers, not damage them.

#3 Don't do it, just to do it. Unlike military targets, these sort of strikes need strong consideration on every single strike. It isn't always justified, and we really do need those means of production after the revolution. Think like this: Cut the power lines, don't destroy the plant. Steal the trucks, don't blow them up.

#4 If possible, nick stuff instead of stealing it. An economic attack can also be a robbery, or theft. But do note, that when stealing, never shot or threaten the employees, and certainly don't rob people - rob corporations. Treat every working man and woman in a possible strike location with all possible respect - perhaps even share the goodies with them.

#5 If you steal something, then use it for your own enjoyment, you've lost. You are no longer a revolutionary. Don't steal a computer to play on it, and don't steal a TV or movie. That's not revolutionary, it's pointless and reactionary. Stolen means should be applied to help you movement, or simply be distributed amongst the population - i prefer the last option.

#6 Aim. Don't steal candy or some shit, Aim to hurt the firm and benefit the people and your movement.

#7 Again, for the people, not against he people. Don't trash a small store, destroy a wall-mart.

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