Friday, April 4, 2008

Ideal Targets: Part One

As a continuation of This article, I intend to provide the targets to point your revolutionary enthusiasm too. Ideals targets and templates for activist actions. Please comment or Email me with further ideas, this series of posts will be steadily expanded.

Military Targets:
hese are, needless to say, the most important and most dangerous targets. While working on a military target, uniform-like disguises are the best. Get cheap closet, that match the situation and locations, and military-like discipline is a must. If you hope you hope for missions success you must have a leader, and if you wish for long-term success this leader should be elected. Preferable re-elected every 4 months or so.

Under normal circumstances, target Ammunition Depot's (preferable keeping the guns and bullets for yourself), military infrastructure (never the civilian - the goal is to collectivize the means of production, not destroy them). Military vehicles are also important targets, the more we cripple Capitalism's means of waging war, the better out odds of ultimate victory. And naturally, less material will be available to murder Iraqis with.

In a circumstance of civil war, it might be justifiable to target military leaders. However, killing for the same of doing so it pointless: You should only target leaders that either stand out by their cruelty, lack of care towards the civilian population, or tactical skills.

Remember, however, that the enemy has no moral scruples. They would see no problem in assassinating your leadership, firing upon civilians just to get you, and a whole list of the things a true revolutionary would never consider. To ensure the smallest possible amount of civilian casualties, be mobile. Don't get associated with one city, or block. That would endanger the population there, and expose them to additional oppression.

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