Friday, April 4, 2008

On the Value of Armed resistance.

Until the everlasting victory.

"The weapons of criticism, however, cannot replace the criticism of weapons"
Karl Marx

ormally, in modern society, armed struggle is an act of terrorism, despicable fanatics destroyed our glorious "democracy". The purpose of this article is to challenge that assumption. This article reaches out to all your who claim to be "revolutionaries". All who bear the Red Flag, or pride yourself with a Badged, Shirt, or Hat with the face of our late Comrade Che Guevara. For those things symbolize not one man, nor any specific color. They are sacred emblems, Representatives of the struggle for Freedom and Justice! In the song 'The Red Flag', the lines "The people's flag is deepest red, it shrouded opt' out marted death" is no joke, nor metaphor. People HAVE lived, died, and fought for your freedom, people braver than most of us can imagine. Shall we let the sacrifices of the past - and of the present - go unheard? Shall we allow those brave Comrades who died for us, be mocked by ignoring their example? Like hell we wont.

The concept of the criminal revolutionary, steam from a very common misconception in the Capitalist world. This faulty assumption, is that democracy is our ruling form of Government, not Corporatism. To be honest, that idea is ridiculous. Try and consider these factors of our society, and then feel free to change your mind whether of not we have "democracy".

* Consider the recent case, where the organization "oprør" (Rebellion) was charged with terrorism, simply for trying to found a Bookprint, and radio station. The station and print were owned by the freedom fighters of the FARC and PFLP, who are both branded as Terrorist, despise the fact that Danish high court recently cleared them in relations with the case against Fighters and Lovers.

* The organization Fighters+Lovers, who was recently also charged with "terrorism", this time, for selling T-Shirts, who claimed support for the PFLP and FARC. Another person who was charged, was the owner of a Hotdog stance, "Pølseman Preben", who dared to put a T-shirt on display in his stance. Obviously terrorism.

* Most of our Governments condone and support the Americans in putting innocents in Guantanamo Bay without trials.

* In a recent case, two radical Muslims were expelled from Denmark, without trials. So both democracy, and the general state of justice, is poor.

* The case of the election of Hamas. While Hamas are obviously not the great choice of Government, they WERE elected democratically. This gives Israel, or any other country the right to dispose of them, if not for the goal of democracy. Simply putting in a more "likable" government, is not acceptable!

* When we allow Putin to arrest opposition, and tolerate fake elections, we cannot claim to love democracy. If you love something, defend it! Putin is just as bad as any old Soviet Dictator.

Remember, if you claim to care, claim to be a revolutionary.. Fight!
hese are a few rules of the thumb any revolutionary should always cling to.

1. The first, and most important, is fight for the people, NOT against it. The actions of, for example, the Röte Armé Fraktion, weren't revolutionary, they were criminal. Always fight for collective freedom, and the welfare of the people.

2. Stay clear of surveillance. Stay outside, don't even have your phones on you. They might be bugged.

3. Respect not your commander, but the position of commander. Don't honor one person, honor his actions, and if he fail his duty, replace him. There is no place for a cult of personality in a revolution.

4. No prints. Wipe everything, and wear gloves.

5. NEVER Snitch. No matter if they say they'll punish you more, or threaten you or your family. Often, they cant get you. Otherwise, prove you deserve the trust of your Comrades. Do NOT risk the fate of a revolution to avoid trouble. Keep true to your promise, and dedication.

6. Try to avoid killing. Causing harm to someone is a big thing, don't take likely to it. It HAS to have a concrete point and goal. To kill someone, just for being a cop, solider, whatever, is NOT revolutionary. But defend yourself with all means possible.

7. Instead of killing soldiers and cops, use sabotage. It is just as effective, but it ensures both that the most people possible go unharmed, and the continued support of the wide population. Were the RAF popular?

8. Last, but certainly not least, prioritize the revolution. Che Guevara said, "To accomplish much, you must first lose everything". Compromise is failure.

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