Friday, August 22, 2008

The FARC proposes discussion Bolivariana Platform for a New Government

The halting of the senator Carlos Garci'a Orjuela president of the divided uribista of the U, as a result of its inocultables nexuses with Eduardo Restrepo “the Partner”, promotional, financial narcotics trafficker and head of the paramilitary bands that hundreds of Colombians in these last 10 years massacreed, adds another notable of the General Staff of the uribismo to already releases list of imprisoned criminals by the parapolítica call, benevolent propagandistic denomination to which is simple narcoparamilitary terrorism in please the extreme rightist management of the present government.

Surely the parliamentarian Garci'a Orjuela, like his colleagues Mario Uribe, Mauricio Pimiento, Jorge Horseman, Ricardo Cures, Alfonso Field, paramilitary Miguel of the Espriella, Reginaldo Montes, Jorge Merlano, Alfredo Cuello, Rubén Darío Quintero, Alvaro Araújo and other congressmen who develop to an intense political activity from the jail maintaining their bureaucratic quotas in the apparatus of the State, are making an effort to remove avante the reform to the justice that Alvaro Uribe proposes, in his strategy to impose a model of unanimista and totalitarian State, that devastates with nobody disenso or is revolutionary or merely democratic as it at the moment undergoes the Supreme Court of justice.

The truth is that in the base of the Colombian conflict is that functional relation between governments, political, owners of the great capital, landowners , hierarchy of the church, public force and paramilitary heads, today stimulated with the money of the drug trafficking, who ride on the unpunished practice of the terrorism of State, within the framework of a neoliberal strategy that enriches more and more to the rich ones at the cost of the impoverishment of the rest of the population.

With the aid and under the imperial protection of the White House, it is tried to perpetuate in Colombia the present dictatorial regime maintained on a public force that systematically violate the human rights and to which extreme rightist and main support of the regime have transformed into the most powerful official political party, with near the 10 percent of the national budget to their disposition, multimillionaire businesses and investments to discretion, the leafiest bureaucratic machinery of the country to pay favors and to cultivate customers, an apparatus of propaganda that includes hundreds of transmitters of frequency modulated by all the national territory and a mechanism of 2 million civil informants denominated “network of cooperators” which they pelechan of the uncontrolled secret bottoms of the State, political party before whose heads the most powerful mass media of the country surrender daily.

Officious official and propagandist spokesmen of the government announce the entrance from the country to the period of the post-conflict as if the social abysses before to close itself they had not increased themselves, or as if the terror of the State was something of the past and it did not increase the number of died unionists, and of farmers assassinated by death squads, that soon disguise of guerrillas, as if the bombings in populated areas or the displacements had stopped as if the hunting of witches orchestrated from the House of Nariño against its opponents was not in crescendo, as if the paramilitary calls black eagles were not “he himself dog with different guasca” from equal and even more narrow bows with politicians and with the military High Command, that the actors of Ralito.

As if the call " political Yidis " was not total demonstration of the stop and flood degree of corruption of the political customs in Colombia in the most important offices of the administration, the public power and the same presidency.

As if the foreign interference in the internal subjects of the country had not been multiplied until the indignity in damage of our sovereignty.

As if the earth undressed to the farmers in these last 40 years, best and the most feracious ones, were not being concentrated in the hands of few families like a sinister repetition of the occurred thing during the Fifties . As if the strategy paramilitary narcotics detective did not stay enquistada in the cupola of the Colombian State.

The febrile mediatic triunfalismo untied by the government after flight of 15 prisoners military the past 2 of July lacks connotations to long term. Simply it was a nigh raid directed by the intelligence services of Israel and executed from the treason of two guerrilla commands, not at all exceptional episode in any military confrontation that does not affect the strategy nor the conception, far from it the causes of the conflict, since other nigh raids have not affected the strategy, and other flights made in the past in Colombia and other parts of the world, by official armies and insurgent forces.

We deeply respected the majority feeling of those who marched past 20 July by La Paz and the freedom without allowing I handle of the government nor the reelecionista manipulation, of who is wanted to perpetuate in the power like dictator. In that fight by the democratic coexistence we walked 44 years ago that we integrated the FARC facing the terror of the State and the calls “institutions” true essence of the violence anti popular, of the political-administrative corruption and the servile kneeling before Washington

In a as intense confrontation as the present one, where hundreds of combats and thousand appear daily of facts military by all the national territory, he is understandable which they appear in addition to deaths, captures of members of the forces in fight. and it is logical, that also we and the families of the imprisoned guerrillas, we want them free, far from the opprobrium and the humiliation of the foreign jails and the jails of Maxima security of Colombia.

For that reason we maintain the proposal of humanitarian interchange. In quality of prisoners military, today, they remain in our campings:

1. Captain Edgar Yesid Duarte Valero/2. Elkin lieutenant Hernandez Rivas/3. Sergeant Luis Alberto Mayan Erazo 4.Cabo Second Libyan Jose Martinez Estrada/5. Cabo Segundo Pablo Emilio Moncayo Goatherd 6. Intendant Brown Alvaro 7. Professional soldier William Yovani Domínguez Castro/8. Parliamentarian Oscar Tulio Liscano/9 Sigifredo Deputy Lopez 10. Ex--governor Alan Rockrose 11. First corporal Luis Alfredo Moreno/12. First corporal Luis Alfonso Beltrán/13. First corporal Luis Arturo Garci'a 14. First corporal Robinson Salcedo/15. Sergeant Segundo Caesar Augusto Lazo/16. First corporal Jose Jurisdictional Libardo 17. Sub lieutenant Jorge Humberto Romero/18. Sub lieutenant Carlos Jose Duarte/19. Sub lieutenant Wilson Rojas Medina/20. Sub lieutenant Jorge Trujillo 21. Colonel Luis Mendieta Ovalle/22. Lieutenant William Donato Go'mez 23. Captain Enrique Murillo Sanchez 24. Captain Guillermo Solórzano/25. Sergeant Segundo Arvey Delgado Argote/26. First corporal Salin Antonio San Miguel Valderrama/27. Police Juan Fernando Galicio Uribe/28. Police Jose Walter Lozano Guarnizo/ 29. Police Alexis Torres Zapata.

At these four last ones (the police and the end), the government has not informed to the public opinion nor has made no reclamation, since for being humble, little they serve to him for the propaganda. Any approach or process that it tries to advance in the concretion of the interchange or in humanitarian agreements which they protect the civil populace of the confrontation must count on total and total guarantees and the participation and presence of countries and governments who offer to total confidence. At this point of the events before the own and strange eyes of it is evident that the Colombian regime and the present government in individual, lie, deceive, they distort, they violate commitments and means norms of the greatest cynicism and most amazing impunity. For them, “its aim justifies any means” and almost practice the “war without rules " before a laxitud accomplice of the call international community.

President Uribe authorized to kidnap to Rodrigo Granda of the center of Caracas, in Venezuela, and soon he assured that he had catched it in the border; incursionó militarily in Ecuadorian territory violating all the international normatividad the 1 of March and soon called to president Rafael Correa to lie to him with cynicism; now it authorizes the use of the emblem Red de la Cruz, journalistic means and nongovernmental organizations of other countries in operations
the military and do not respond for that reason. It went to its backs. Paraphrasing a North American ex-president we could say that “the success had many parents, but the violation of the international norms was orphaned ".

To our prisoners we sent a revolutionary, shared in common and warm greeting to them. We will continue the struggle by its freedom. To our national and international friends and supporters with the optimism of always we transmitted our confidence to them in the triumph of this enormous popular effort by the social transformations that benefit to the majorities. We thank for the enormous samples of solidarity that we received in the occasion of the death of our Commander-in-Chief Manuel Marulanda Vélez. Of him also we learned to being unconditionally shared in common with all the revolutionary of the world and deeply respectful processes of the ways that each town, sovereign, decides to journey in search of its well-being. That principle will continue being guide of our international relations never the revolutionary processes have been flat and in a single direction. The FARC we maintain the north of the process clear, confidence in our directions and in the work that we advanced, we know ourselves strong weighing of the offensive of Bush and Uribe to strike looking for to us to desestimular the fights of the town by the changes. We will extend the cover of the discussion around our Bolivariana Platform with the deep conviction that Colombia will be able to reach the goal of a new government, of unit, that obtains democratic La Paz and the rescue of our refundida national sovereignty.

By the New Colombia, the Great Mother country and the Socialism

Secretaryship of the Main army staff of the FARC-EP

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