Friday, August 22, 2008

Ban on simi a war on muslims: cpi (maoist)

Hyderabad, August 22: CPI (Maoist) Central committee on thursday described re-imposition of ban on SIMI as reiteration of UPA’s policy to continue its brutal war on Muslims.

In a statement here, party spokesperson Azad said that his party demanded lifting of the ban on not only SIMI but his own party and punish the criminals who had unleashed attacks and committed atrocities on Muslims and other religious minorities.

"War on terror is a ploy to suppress the people’s struggles and plunder the wealth of our country. Let us wage a united war on State terror," he said.

He appealed to people not be misled by the "malicious" propaganda by the ruling classes which portray militant struggles by the oppressed masses and nationalities as terrorist violence. "Struggling people resort to counter violence as a response to State terror," he said.

In another statement, Azad said his party condemned the double standards of the Indian ruling classes in Kashmir.

He called upon people of all religions to unite and fight back the brutal onslaught by the fascist Indian State and Hindu communal forces on innocent Muslims in Kahsmir.

He said Kashmiri people’s just and democratic struggle is "our own" struggle. "Let us extend support by all means to the valiant struggle for national liberation from the clutches of Indian expansionists.

With the support of people of India, people of Kashmir will certainly win their independence from Indian expansionists," he said.

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