Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Computer of Treachery

Iván Márquez of the Secretariat of the Central General Staff of the FARC-EPFilled with vanity by the criminal support of the United States government and boasting of his new condition as the number one sell-out of Latin America, the President of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe, travels the continent with a pirate computer vociferating against the insurgency, censoring and threatening governments, bearing his teeth to patriots and revolutionaries of the hemisphere and, most importantly, believing himself to have special jurisdiction or patent rights to violate territorial and political sovereignties.This is the role that his Republican masters of the north asked him to play in a desperate ploy to save him from the narco para-political scandal which demands that he resign from the presidency of the republic, disband his paramilitary, and submit himself to justice. The extradition to the United States of the main witnesses of the narco para-politics is framed by the same objective - to leave the accusations with no foothold, to obstruct justice and to guarantee his own impunity and that of his corrupt parliamentarians.
In this way he mimics McCarthy, spuming accusations and discrediting presidents, ministers, Bolivarian organizations, political and social leaders, and insinuating their support of “terrorism” - propaganda used as an attempt to demonize the people’s yearning for emancipation. He is every bit as mendacious and poisonous as McCarthy, who executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in the 1950s, accusing them of passing secrets of the atomic bomb to the Russians, and even accusing the military and State Department of links with Communism. We are not in the cold war era of McCarthy, but in the era of Bolivar.Uribe is behaving portentously, and it is time to put this shameless ventriloquist’s dummy of the White House in his place. No government, no people, no revolutionary should feel blackmailed by an unconvincing computer, which is not Raúl Reyes’ computer but that of the head of the Colombian police, general Naranjo, a known crony of the narco-trafficker, alias Jabón (soap). That computer was transplanted, filled by the Colombian intelligence with grossly false documents, and taken to the scene of the flagrant violation of a country’s sovereignty to turn it into a tool for diplomatic tension and blackmail, and a spurious geopolitical weapon of Washington.Even as they show the garrotte of the fourth fleet, no government, no Latino-Caribbean patriot should lower his/her head… just blinking in these circumstances gives space for the imperialist bulldozer thirsty for oil, natural resources, profits and more profits. All of America must react by overflowing with solidarity for the peoples of Bolivar’s Colombia, of Venezuela, Ecuador and the present Colombia.Are we going to allow them to impose the Uribista gibberish that fighting against a disgraceful regime is terrorism? The right to take up arms is a universal right that all the peoples of the world have as legitimate means to free themselves from oppression. The political character of the FARC is clearly determined by its strategic objective, the taking of power for the people. Now the Uribistas have invented a new smoke screen that they have tried to label as the FARC-politics… Of course the FARC is engaged in high politics when fighting for the establishment of a new state and a new government to guarantee the people the greatest possible sum of happiness. That is its reason for being. An indication of this objective is that in 1984 the FARC launched the Patriotic Union as a political alternative, an option that was exterminated by the intolerant bullets of the Santanderista state of Colombia. Five thousand of its leaders and militants were
assassinated. In the recent past a state minister, Rudolf Hommes, referring to the democratic platform of the FARC, stated that if these were the intentions of the insurgency, he would be willing to endorse the platform. In essence that same document today constitutes the Bolivarian Platform that we are proposing to the forces of change as a basis for discussion, to collectively design the banner program that will lead us to the New Colombia.The real terrorist is Álvaro Uribe Vélez, who has attempted and continues to attempt to kill Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez. The DAS, the CIA of Colombia, infiltrated more than 100 paramilitaries into Caracas with that intention; and the head of the DAS is Mr. Uribe. The DAS is preparing several groups of assassins to send them to Ecuador to assassinate President Rafael Correa in coordination with a retired Ecuadorian general, whose surname is Aguas; and the head of the DAS is Mr. Uribe. The terrorist government of Uribe is built on thousands of common graves and mutilated bodies, on the forced displacement of 4 million Colombians and the plundering of lands, on the abuse of the fascist raids that sent more than 150 thousand citizens to jail accused of supporting the guerrillas… This is State terrorism. A government that denies social investment and keeps 70% of Colombians in poverty in order to carry forward the madness of war that Washingtonwants is a terrorist government.Mr. Uribe would not be president without the support of the White House. In agreement with the Republicans and to save himself from justice, he extradited 14 paramilitary chieftains to the United States as they were about to involve his brother Santiago, the army, cattle dealers and industrialists in the horrors of para-militarism. This is why the computer hard drives of some of the extradited vanished. There were no chain of custody precautionary measures, nor did they call in the circus jugglers of INTERPOL. Uribe took a gamble on the disappearance of all evidence. Santander was the same way; even as a child he swallowed his own deposits in order to leave no trace behind.
Public welfare demands a new government for Colombia. Nobody can withstand two more years of the nauseous emanations from the National Capital and the Nariño Palace. The way must open for a provisional government to call for the new elections of President and Congress.This is Uribe’s real problem, one that he won’t be able to hide behind a thousand smoke screens. Nor will he be able to silence the anti-imperialist and antifascist voices of Our America.Mountains of Colombia, June 5, 2008

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