Thursday, June 12, 2008

Child labor in India

Government often says that they will eliminate child labor system and often ignores about that problem. There are also bonded child workers in India, who mostly work in farms and houses of rich farmers in villages. Reports say that India has largest bonded child labour population in the world. Large number of child workers are even seen in urban areas. There are also IAS/IPS officers and politicians who keep child labour in their homes.

According to year 2001 statistics, Uttar Pradesh has highest child labour population i.e. 1927997 and Andhra Pradesh has second highest child labour population i.e. 1363339. Some times, officers introduce special schools for child labour. Those schools doesn’t have enough infrastructural facilities that attract students. There are many cases of children deserting those schools and returning back to work as child labor. Our politicians and bureaucrats are not capable in solving child labour problem.

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