Sunday, February 3, 2008


The march of Uribe supporters, of RCN, Caracol, El Tiempo, the narco-paramilitaries, of a few bishops,the big business people, the manipulators of opinion,the warmongers, the enemies of the humanitarian exchange and peace; has triggered in its final stages an unavoidable avalanche of questioning around its true intentions.


Colombian Rebels to Release 3
Colombia (AP) — Leftist rebels have announced that they will free three politicians suffering health problems after being held hostage since 2001, a Colombian radio network reported Sunday.

Caracol Radio said that it had received an e-mail from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, announcing the rebels will release political leader Gloria Polanco, former Sen. Luis Eladio Perez and ex-congressman Orlando Beltran. The e-mail did not say when they would be released.

The authenticity e-mail could not immediately be confirmed, but the FARC have made previous announcements about hostages through the media.

The FARC said that it would like to free the hostages in Colombian territory to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez or a delegate chosen by him. The e-mail said it would release the three "given their state of health," but did not provide details on their conditions.

In the statement, dated Jan. 31, the rebels said that they would free the hostages because of Chavez's work last year in trying to mediate a deal between the FARC and the Colombian government that would swap dozens of hostages for hundreds of imprisoned rebels.

"These liberations are a direct consequence of the realistic, complete and transparent effort by President Chavez and other friendly governments in the search for a political solution to this humanitarian crisis," the statement said.

However, the Colombian government has rescinded Chavez's role as a mediator, accusing him of going behind President Alvaro Uribe's back and directly contacting Colombia's top generals.

The FARC is in its fifth decade of trying to overthrow Colombia's central government. The rebels, Latin America's largest guerrilla army, use kidnapping to raise funds and pressure the state.

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