Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thalappavu, a wake up call for the society

Actor-tuned-director Madhupal on Sunday denied allegations that his debut movie Thalappavu, based on the real-life confession of a police constable about the gunning down of naxalite leader Varghese in a fake encounter nearly 30 years ago, reflects his sympathies for the political ideology of naxalite movements.

"The film is not an attempt to show my sympathy or political views. It is a reminder to a society that has forgotten how to respond to the problems faced by human beings. The film is a wake up call for a society that is becoming increasingly meek and submissive," he said, while addressing a meet-the-press programme held in Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday.

Madhupal further added that the real challenge in the film was in telling a familiar story in a 'realistic manner' devoid of the documentary feel. "How to adapt a popular political struggle without distorting facts to the big screen was our main concern," he said.Prithviraj plays the role of naxalite leader Varghese while actor Lal plays the role of the distraught police constable Ramachandran Nair. "I wanted someone who could convey the feeling of being bold and helpless at the same time," said Madhupal about choosing Lal for the role.

Babu Janardhanan, the playwright of the film, said that he had carried out extensive research on the life of the revolutionary leader before putting it on paper. "The spark for the script came from the revelation made by Ramachandran Nair through television channels that he was forced to kill Varghese. The revelation struck me and I started to think about the mental agony he had to endure by suppressing the fact for nearly 30 years," said Janardhanan.

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