Thursday, September 25, 2008

‘Maoists’ in assault

Calcutta, Sept. 24: The attack on the Tata Motors guards on Monday night may have been be the handiwork of Maoists, police sources said today.

In a statement on Saturday, the CPI (Maoist), which is not officially among Mamata Banerjee’s allies, had called for armed resistance until Tata Motors pulled out. “An armed movement in Nandigram had resisted forcible land acquisition…. The people of Singur will have to take a lesson from it,” it said.

A senior police officer in Calcutta said: “In the prevailing situation, local residents would not have the courage to scale the boundary wall and beat up security guards.”

The Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau had sent a report to the Centre a week before Mamata began her siege, saying Maoists were camping in Singur and campaigning against the project

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