Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maoists accuse Chiranjeevi's ignorance on major issues

HYDERABAD : CPI (Maoists) accused that the film star Chiranjeevi was ignorant on major burning issues of the people in the State and criticised the newly launched 'Praja Rajyam' for "side-stepping" burning issues of the State like Left-wing extremism and Telangana.

Maoist's State's official spokesman Janardhan said in a press release that they would declare their policy towards the new party if clear cut policies and programmes are announced to tackle the political, social and economic problems plaguing the State and the country.

While stating that it would not be a surprise if Praja Rajyam comes to power considering the people's disenchantment with the existing political parties, the Maoists said it would be impossible for Chiranjeevi or anyone else to tackle the social inequities under the prevailing socio-economic order.

"People are sure to be drawn to him because of the promises he has made, sick as they were with the rule by both Telugu Desam and Congress parties," he said.

He lamented that the Praja Rajyam leader was "day dreaming" if he was thinking of establishing a just society following the ideals of Gandhi and Mother Teresa as many organisation professing such ideals were doing the work but it was providing succour to very few.

Janardhan demanded the actor make clear his opinion on the World Bank policies, whether he will take back ill-gotten wealth properties of politicians, bureaucrats and real estate mafia and if he will put a halt to the "State violence".

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