Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maoist bid to woo cops

GAYA: In what appears to be a part of the Maoist strategy to cause confusion and engineer division within the police rank and file, Naxalites belonging to the CPI (Maoist), have invoked the class rhetoric to woo the constabulary.

The Maoists have pasted posters in several parts of the trouble-prone Dumaria -Imamganj area of the district reminding the constabulary engaged in the anti-Naxal combat of its (constabulary's) common economic and social interests with the proponents of the Naxal ideology.

Such posters have been seen in villages like Magra, Narainpur, Goti Bandh, Kulsauta and Majhaula. Earlier, the Naxalites ambushed a police party comprising nearly half-a-dozen constables of the Special Auxiliary Police created by the state government to give teeth to its anti-Naxal operations.

The ambush took place in a crowded locality at Raniganj village, part of the Imamganj police station area.
The Maoist pamphlets somewhat apologetically reminded the constabulary that killing the constables did not give any pleasure to the Naxalites and such killings were done under compulsion as the constables were not "class enemies" rather they got penalised for being on the side of those who have been exploiting the poor masses.

Moreover, the Maoists are basically interested in the weapons possessed by the police force and most of the casualties take place when the constabulary does not surrender the weapons to them.

The posters also ask the constabulary to indulge in introspection and recognise their (constabulary's) own enlightened interests and stop serving the interests of their class enemies.

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