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“There are good terrorists and bad terrorists "

I am reviewing a book on Colombia that is most excellent, by a Colombian writer who is called Bald Hernando Ospina that shows like the government of Uribe, paramilitary and the army is making works together and killing and moving almost 2 million people since it arrived at the presidency.

By Efrain Chury, Centennial Radio

Chury: We are in communication with the sociologist James Petras in the United States, to that we give the welcome him , there good day, as it goes to you…

Petras: Good day

Chury: In the matter of work that subjects have to you occupied…

Petras: There are several things that interest to me, one of the interesting things is the fact that the New York Times published in an article of an academic writer Israelite call Benny Morris who the gentlemen You dwell is in favor of a nuclear atomic pump on Iran and that the fact that the New York Times is publishing articles that could kill 70 million people is a very important cultural fact, is 10 times, 11 times greater than the Holocausto than made Hitler against the Jews.

Second, I am reviewing a book on Colombia that is most excellent, by a Colombian writer who is called Bald Hernando Ospina that shows like the government of Uribe, paramilitary and the army is making works together and killing and moving almost 2 million people since it arrived at the presidency. An important fact: the military, colonels, captains who go to the schools of North American training return with the recommendation: almost the totality of generals, in Colombia has happened through this graduation. That is to say, that is obligatory the military and political certification on the part of the North American military schools to finish like control of troops in Colombia. There are other important facts and the book is called “Colombia, laboratory of spells”

Chury: That there is again after the movements that have done in international as much Obama as Mac Cain and as is the balance that becomes…

Petras: Here we have seen the drift to the right of Obama, is the main proponente of an extension and deepening of the war in Afghanistan, speaks to send 40 thousand troops to Afghanistan, in the axis of its foreign policy to even project the North American power what he says is to reach the leadership again, to recover the North American hegemony in the world. In this sense I believe that she in front of shows a new aggressiveness the external world, whichever speech of negotiations, multilateralism, collaboration with Europe. And it does not have any proposal to deal with the here economic recession. Then we found here what the newspapers and means do not speak, that are a displeasure with both candidates, the democratic party that dominates the congress has a popularity of 20%. Bush and the republicans mism and is much publicity, hourly the means, radio, television, newspapers, give to information and publicity to the campaign, but the common man of is not excited here by the elections, some survey show that he is the same of the last year, as soon as 50% of the citizens are going to vote in the next elections, again we have both main candidates without capacity to stimulate the town to vote

Chury: That is to say, that surely stays the non-participation like the one of the last election…

Petras: Yes, something thus, I believe that Obama can gain by the simple fact of the exhaustion with Bush and republican party. There is no doubt that people are blaming, (those that is going to vote) to Bush by the war in Iraq, and simply are going to vote those that are in against, is a great vote against and that is going to capitalize Obama Also Obama has three times more financing than Mr. Mac Cain, has received the support of the middle-class and the high class. In this case the great financial capital already has given its approval of Obama. Sometimes they need to give a new luster to the policy and look for a new face for a spare part and that is evident with the finances that Obama receives, but of 50 million per month

Chury: It does a few days was a strong fall of stock-market that was attributed to the internal situation of the United States and to the fall of the dollar, as the economy is seen today there…

Petras: There are several things, the leisure crisis is evident, are lost 100 thousand jobs in the month of July, have increased according to the official numbers 5.6% leisure, the inflation is the subject that do not touch but it affects the pocket of much people who very are worried. We also have the crisis of the financial sector that has affected the economy of credits, of mortgages, the fall in the sale of houses, is an enormous accumulation of houses by sale that do not find buyers. Now a sector that is improving is the sector of export with the fall of the dollar, the North American exports is more competitive, says the numbers of the last trimester that the North American economy grows between 1 and 2%. It is what a growth says officially but if is true, that has not affected the income nor the occupation for the unemployed people.

Then they speak of which we could avoid a recession while the financial sector needs an injection 30 billion dollars to avoid a collapse

Chury: You could make an analysis of the recent visit of Chávez by Russia and Spain…

Petras: I believe that the one of Russia is normal, have had relations between both countries because as much Russia as Venezuela is under attack of the United States, they have it as enemy common and they are in a friendly relation. Important they are the relations with Russia because Venezuela is buying many arms now, billion new arms of Russia for its security against the threats of Colombia and North America. I do not know in which degree these expenses are necessary, I am not going to comment.

The one of Spain seeds much confusion between the chavistas that always repeat what the leader says and now they have given the return of 180 degrees with the king, speaks well of Spain. It is very, like saying, very money changer the policy of Chávez, is much volatileness. One gets angry, it denounces, later one becomes to embrace. It is a diplomacy that does not have much consistency and confuses to the unconditional chavistas that sometimes take party at the moment from hostile impulse towards a government, a policy, of sudden movement it gives Chávez thread and stay hung as a little idiot. I believe that Chávez now is in a wave to approach with all the bourgeois governments everywhere the right governments to even isolate the North American position, I I believe that it is a diplomatic offensive towards bourgeois governments in the outside, independent of his internal policy

I believe that we must understand this diplomatic policy but on the other hand we must put distance when Chávez begins to praise to the King and the other politicians because it harms and it confuses the people who live in these countries, the towns that they have to undergo under these governments and these repressive personages, for example the autonomistas movements there, Catalan, the Basoues, the Gallegos who are very critical of the monarchic centralism and when Chávez matches with the monarch I believe that it beyond goes that simply to improve its diplomatic policy

Chury: Here in the South Hemisphere the cover is impressive the mass media that have done of some rapists and narcotics traffickers in Iran and one take into account this, because when it happens in countries that have the capital punishment like United States or some others like in the West, they are hardly the news of a line or two, that is to say, because a great campaign in everything is orchestrated or that it can be to him negative to Iran no matter how hard he is in its marks to execute justice…

Petras: We are against the capital punishment in Iran, in the United States, in Texas, anywhere. The one that one must say is that the means are very selective, there are good terrorists and bad terrorists, a terrorist. In Israel Palestinian kill is no critic. But when an Arab group commits an atrocity magnifies it. That is part of the class policy, of economic the social policy. They do not have principles. The means have interests. When the interests indicate condemn Darfur, Sudan, but when Palestinian Israel is killing every day in Ghaza, and another parts of Palestine is a silence is no sentence. Simply the means are part of the fight of classes and take party. They do not have any principle and we must denounce this double morality but also to understand that he comprises of a national and popular fight

Chury: in the Argentine Republic there was a great one it throws and it relaxes between the tax policy of the government and the great cattle landowners and the multinational companies, particularly the dedicated ones to the soybean plantation, how dresses the situation the government as opposed to that attack? …

Petras: The government never took serious measures against the great great plantations and the land businesses, is even working with Dreyfus and other sectors of the land business. I believe that the retention has a class content, is right to impose a retention on the great gains of the great exporter. But as they use this retention? They did not use it to finance improvements in the minimum wage, the payment of unemployment, to finance use programs. They used to pay it the external debt, used to subsidize it sectors of great industrial capital. In this sense I believe that we must not simply condemn the victory of the right exporting land but also to present/display alternative programs That is to say, not simply to say that yes to the retention but TO DEMAND a canalized retention to popular programs, to fortalizar the working sector. Nobody speech for example during these exporting unemployments of the land of the laborers of the field or the working day laborers who continue working and continue gaining single 60% of the minimum wage of the cities, that is totally insufficient to maintain the basket basic.

For me the fact that is important in this fight nobody spoke of the conditions of the workers of the field and city, like formula to support the retention, is evident that the Kirchner is lost a great capacity of great call because the land traders more people could mobilize themselves in the streets than the government, even in Buenos Aires. It is a negative commentary on economic the political trajectory of the Kirchner.

Because in history we never had an example where the oligarchical sector must but be able of call between the middle-class that a supposedly popular government has capacity to summon between the poor men.

We do not have simply to embrace the legitimate , supposedly democratic government because we are forgetting the great failures on the social policy towards the town

Chury: I wish a very good day you and I send a greeting to you in name of the hearing

Petras: Thank you very much, a hug.

Chury: That you pass Petras very well, luck

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