Sunday, August 31, 2008

Naxalites at work: Report

Calcutta, Aug. 30: Naxalites have fanned out in Singur and are goading villagers to resist Tata Motors’ bid to resume work at the Nano plant, an intelligence report has said.

The subsidiary intelligence bureau (SIB) report to the Union home ministry says Naxalites working under the cover of social welfare organisations in Singur could instigate villagers to launch a violent movement. Their aim allegedly is to create terror and panic so workers at the plant are scared away.

More than 100 youths from Maoists-infested West Midnapore, Bankura and Purulia are said to be present in the area, as are some Jadavpur University students known to be Naxalite sympathisers.

They landed in Singur before Mamata Banerjee began her indefinite dharna.

“We were present at Thursday’s demonstration in front of the Tata Motors gate. In future, they (the Tata Motors authorities) will witness more demonstrations if they try to start production,” said Jiban, who came to Bajemelia in Singur from West Midnapore 10 days ago.

On Thursday, the demonstrators blocked the factory gate near the vendor park when 14 buses carrying Tata Motors executives were leaving the plant. The blockade forced the company to halt work indefinitely.

Police officers posted at the factory site said they had spotted several “suspicious-looking” faces in the siege crowd.

“Thursday’s blockade confirmed our doubts. The agitation was unexpected and we spotted several faces among the demonstrators. Had the Naxalites not been involved in the agitation, it would not have been so intense,” an officer said.

The Naxalite activists are believed to have taken refuge in the homes of Save Farmland Committee members in Beraberi, Gopalnagar, Khasherbheri, Bajemelia and Joymollah villages.

“Holding meetings in courtyards is part of our daily routine. We are motivating villagers through short plays and songs. We are teaching them to focus on the goal — force Tata Motors to leave Singur,” said a Jadavpur University student.

Sushanta, a Naxalite leader from Lalgarh, Bankura, said: “Our aim is to prevent the workers from entering the factory at any cost. Our resistance may not be armed, but it will be extensive.”

Last year, Naxalite outfits were said to be behind guerrilla-styled attempts to pull down the small-car plant’s boundary wall.

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