Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Naxal outfits to intensify stir

KERALA:KOZHIKODE:) The CPM state committee decision to promote Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and the move to provide more land for the mega projects in the state will add momentum to the agitations launched by the various pro-Naxalite organisations.

Sources said that there would be more militant agitations over land in the southern districts of the state in the coming months. Pro-Naxalite organisations like the Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF), Porattam, CPI-ML and other outfits have formed a joint platform at a meeting held in Kottayam on June 21.

Dalit leader K K Mani has been elected the convener of the committee. This is the first time these organisations, which are often at loggerheads, are coming together on an agitation front. A convention of the committee will be held in Thrissur on September 2. “There are already agitations demanding land for the landless at various parts of the state.

This takes a new turn when the government starts evicting more people for the so-called development projects.What is happening in Chengara now is the first step of replicating Nandigram here”, RPF state secretary Ajayan Mannur told to this website's newspaper.

A convention of the pro-Maoist organisations and other outfits involved in land agitation met at Ranchi in 2007 January and accepted ‘no displacement at any cost’ as their slogan. The convention formed ‘Visthapan Virodhi Jan Vikas Andolan’ to carry forward the stir against displacement for mega projects.

The Maoists are not exactly happy with the land agitations in the state which usually end after govt announces a package. They want the people to resist the eviction moves at any cost. The course of future agitations will be in this direction.

The national leadership of the Maoists has brought out a document to show the ‘hollowness’ of the rehabilitation packages. It says that though these packages may sound attractive on paper, none of the promises has been implemented by the governments.

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