Sunday, July 13, 2008

PATNA: Maoists are bitterly opposed to the Indo-US civil nuclear deal and have called upon their cadres and supporters to protest against it as the agreement might "push India into a trap of slavery".

"The Maoists will oppose it with all the power at their disposal," said a senior functionary of the CPI(Maoist).

Talking to TOI, the functionary who did not want to be quoted, condemned all political parties, including the Left, for playing their share of politics in either opposing or supporting the deal and asked people to be wary of them.

With this, the Maoists who are traditionally opposed to democracy and electoral politics, have hinted at their designs to disrupt the coming general elections in the hinterland of Bihar where they still enjoy support despite erosion in their base.

"The capitalist forces have conspired to put India into economic slavery and the UPA government at the Centre is a party to that design," the Maoist functionary said on phone somewhere from the neighbouring state. "An armed struggle will be the the right answer to this conspiracy," he added.

Meanwhile, the central committee of the Naxal outfit's Eastern Zonal Committee issued a statement denouncing the nuclear deal and said countrymen should oppose it. The statement also criticised Left parties for their dual policy of supporting the UPA government for over four years and now distancing themselves only to contest against the Congress in the elections.

The statement also called upon people to remain vigilant about all political parties, which it alleged, were serving interests of the capitalist forces and multi-national companies, and give them a befitting reply in the elections.
As a matter of policy, the Maoists have been opposing the elections in central Bihar's countryside by targeting candidates and attacking their poll campaigns. And now, the Maoists are also linking the deal with the elections as an alibi to mount their attacks on the poll process.

"The political parties opposing the deal will not go unscathed. They are also to be blamed for the exploitation of the poor masses and opposing the deal only for political gains," said the Maoist functionary

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