Saturday, July 5, 2008

:. Kashmir struggle is purely indigenous, Geelani

Srinagar, July 2: Terming Kashmir movement as “indigenous” chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday said that Pakistan is not supporting the Kashmiris anymore.

“It is clear that Pakistan is not supporting our struggle anymore as they did not pay any heed to whatever happened in the Valley in last nine days,’ Geelani told a news conference here.

He said, “Kashmir struggle is indigenous and must not depend on Pakistan TV or media. Kashmiris have proved that they don’t get dictations from anywhere and are capable enough to fight for their cause.”

Geelani said that we are not in control of militants and we will continue this struggle as peoples movement peacefully. “We are not answerable to what Mujahideen will do and we don’t give any dictations to them and they should not also dictate terms to us.”

Reiterating his stand on Amarnath yatra Geelani said that Kashmiris are not against yatra or yatris. “It is crime to think against Hindu religion or yatris. They are our brethren and guests. We have to create facilities for them as they should be at ease here,” said, the veteran leader.

Geelani said that communal and sectarian forces in Jammu are trying to carve political mileage out of this. He said liberal minds of Jammu like Ved Bhasin, Balraj Puri, Sethi sahib, Saraf sahib and others should come out on streets against these communal people.

Geelani appealed to the Muslims of Jammu to maintain calm and restraint. He said, “Muslims should behave maturely and never resort to any sort of violence and Kashmiri Muslims area always available for them.”

“BJP by announcing Bharat Bandh on July 3 is damaging the very existence of India itself. Such sectarian forces are poisonous for India as a country. BJP is using the situation here fir gaining mileage in coming elections which is only a part of their usual dirty politics. They want to mobilize Hindu vote in India.” Geelani said.

Geelani also said that these sectarian forces like Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, RSS are only few in number and Dogra, Hindu brethren of Jammu should this time help the Muslims who are being continuously intimidated and harassed there.

Geelani said, “Why is establishment silent when BJP and others distribute trishuls and give arms to girls in Jammu. On the contrary when we protest peacefully we have to bear the brunt of bullets, batons and tear gas shells.”

Geelani referring to Amarnath shrinebBoard land transfer said, “If police and CRPF would not have used force, there would have been no deaths or injuries.”

“People here have understood that their religion, honour, cultural identity, land and nothing else is secure with India. Sadhbhavna and other operations are just to dilute the geographical and demographic identity of the state” Geelani said.

Geelani thanked young generation of the Valley for participating relentlessly in the protests. He said, “We have to come under one banner forgetting all our personal differences and strengthen the resistance leadership wholeheartedly.”

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, bhudist and all other communities of Kashmir should join hands to “Fight peacefully for their right to self determination.”

Geelani said that we should thank Almighty for the success in Islamic way. “Dances and other non Islamic practises are condemnable. We should thank Allah By offering prayers as it is he who bestowed us with this victory” Geelani said.

“People should try to become self reliant and be ready to make their life simple” Geelani said.

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