Friday, July 11, 2008

Communique of the FARC-EP compared to the escape of 15 prisoners of war

1. The escape of 15 prisoners of war, last Wednesday July 2, was a direct consequence of the despicable conduct of Cesar and Enrique, who betrayed his revolutionary commitment and confidence that they deposited.

2.Independent like an episode happened, inherent in any confrontation where political and military victories and setbacks occur, we maintain our current policy to realize their father achieve the exchange and also protect the civilian population from the effects of conflict. From persist in the rescue as the only way, the government must bear all the consequences of their reckless and adventurous decision.

3. The struggle to liberate our fighters and other political prisoners will always be on the agenda in all the units Fariano, especially in his leadership. All they have it in our minds and hearts.

4. The way to achieve the revolutionary transformations, anywhere in the world or at any time in history has been easy, on the other hand, and thus increases our commitment to each new challenge or difficulty.

5. Peace requires that Colombia should be the result of agreements that benefit the majority, will not be peace of the grave held on corruption, terror of the state, treason and felony. The causes of fighting the FARC-EP still alive, this is struggle and the future is ours.

Secretariat of the Central General Staff of the FARC-EP

Mountains of Colombia, July 5, 2008.

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