Monday, June 9, 2008

NEW DELHI: The Maoist victory in Nepal seems to have greatly boosted confidence of the Left extremists in India, which could only imply more trouble for the government in dealing with Naxalite violence. A secret meeting of the central committee (CC) of the CPI-(Maoist), held after results of elections in Nepal were declared, declared in a triumphant tone: "The verdict in Nepal is a verdict against feudal monarchy, Indian expansionism and US imperialism — it reflects the growing aspirations of the Nepalese masses for land, livelihood and democracy." In the CC statement, the Naxalites also sent out a message to their cadre to "oppose moves of the imperialists, particularly US imperialists, and Indian expansionists to meddle in the affairs of Nepal." "It is the aspirations of an overwhelming majority of masses that trounced the parties that had either supported the king and/or the Indian ruling classes, or hesitated to come out strongly against feudal, imperialist oppression and Indian intervention in Nepal," the CC statement said. The CC welcomed an alternative like CPN (Maoist) coming to the fore in Nepal, with its "commitment to abolish the feudal monarchy, abrogate all unequal treaties signed with India by the former ruling classes of Nepal, ensuring democracy and equality for oppressed sections of society like Dalits, adivasis, minorities and women." The CC hailed the Maoists in Nepal for routing ‘feudal, pro-imperialist, pro-Indian comprador parties' and voting for a genuine change in the "rotten feudal system", the statement said, sending "its fraternal revolutionary greetings for their victory against the reactionary forces." The CC has warned the Nepalese Maosists saying, "the real test, however, begins now after the CPN(M) taking over reins of power. No radical restructuring of the system is possible without the smashing of the existing state." The CC has suggested to the CPN(M) to beware of the conspiracies of imperialists led by the US, Indian 'reactionary ruling' classes, and the 'feudal comprador' forces of Nepal to engineer coups, political assassinations, creation of artificial scarcity through economic blockades and sabotage, and subversion of the democratic process, and called upon it to be fully prepared to confront these reactionaries through armed means. In the written statement, the CC also strongly condemned the Indian 'expansionists' in trying to create public opinion prior to the elections in favour of the Koirala clique. "They went so far as to get the national security adviser, Narayanan, to openly state on TV that they favour a Koirala victory. They also got the media to propagate cooked up opinion polls putting the Maoists at third place and blacking out media reports when the Maoists began to sweep the polls, upsetting all their calculations," the statement read.

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