Saturday, June 28, 2008

Naxal attack likely on CRPF’s Rampur centre

Lucknow, June 27 The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) centre in Rampur, which was attacked by terrorists on New Year’s eve, is now a target of Red Terror.
At a recent meeting in Jharkhand, Maoists discussed their plan to attack various security establishments to loot weapons.
Rampur’s CRPF centre, which houses the Central Weapon Stores (CWS) is an obvious target: this was the input a Jharkhand-based CRPF unit received.
“The meeting was held by the top Maoists, including Navin Manjhi. As the Maoists have expanded their base in new areas, it has become difficult for them to provide weapons to their armed squads. So they want to repeat their February heist at Orissa’s Nayagarh, in which arms and ammunition were taken from the police training college armory,” a CRPF official said.
According to him, the Naxalites also discussed the escape route — to Nepal via Pilbhit, which is adjacent to Rampur.
“There are only two CWSs in the country — in Rampur and Pune. If they succeed in looting weapon from Rampur, it will also badly damage the morale of the security forces fighting against Naxalism,” said a CRPF official.
The CRPF Inspector-General Karmvir Singh confirmed that precautionary measures have already been taken.
“Rampur’s name had figured in the intercept. So we have alerted the authorities concerned, besides giving direction to officers at Rampur to enhance security measures,” Singh told The Indian Express.
He, however, refused to give details regarding the intercept.
Rampur Superintendent of Police Vir Bahadur Singh said the CRPF authorities had informed him about the possibility of a Maoist attack.
“But the information is of routine type. Still, I have alerted police stations to keep a watch on the movement of new people in their areas.” Reports from Rampur said villages near the CRPF centre are under close watch. Both the District Magistrate and the SP had met the CRPF authorities and discussed security measures.
Remarkably, Naxal activities are virtually nil in Rampur and its adjacent parts. “As the Nepal border is close, this is not far from the Red Zone,” he said.

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