Friday, June 6, 2008

MOI suspects Naxalite presence in Kuwait

KUWAIT: A recent security report issued by the Ministry of Interior has warned against Naxalite groups' attempts to infiltrate Asian laborers into GCC countries like Kuwait, reported Al-Rai. The report described the group as the most menacing in all of the Indian subcontinent. According to the report, the group has been identified as the one that works among poor farmers and workers, supplying them with arms to wage a war against their respective governments.Further, the report warned that the group has decided to leave India for the GCC states, since they consider the Middle East as their second enemy -- capitalists who achieve progress by importing cheap Asian labor and treat them inhumanly. Moreover, the report argued that there was evidence that the group managed to penetrate many GCC states including Kuwait. It says that this is indicated by the relatively more organized labor strikes and demonstrations, that have been organized lately -- for example, theAfghani workers attack on their country's embassy in Kuwait.The report called for 'rationalizing' the entry of Asian workers, especially Bangladeshis, since many were involved in criminal acts. They should be hired only as cleaners and shepherds, the report suggested. A close watch should be kept on Naxalite activities in Kuwait. This will help prevent undesirable penetration of Asian communities into Kuwait,, the report stated

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