Monday, June 9, 2008

Marquetalia village universal

Alberto Pinzón Sánchez
Gústenos or not, or as we say in Colombia with that drag Scholastic, for better or worse, the social process of Venezuela has become irreversible. The social conscience and mass gained in recent years by the Bravo Pueblo de Simón Bolívar, has no ticket बेक
And it has done on two pillars irremovable: One evidence before putting in all the Latin American peoples and twice centenarian unholy alliance Oligarquía Creole-English-speaking Imperialism, which was instituted throughout the continent, iron, after the first independence of Colonialism Spanish. Another no less essential, has been the confirmation of the obvious premise written countless times by our founding fathers: "Applying the example of Venezuela at the Nueva Granada and forming a proportion, find that Chorus is to Caracas, Caracas as is the entire americas" (Memory of a caraqueño the citizens of New Granada. 15. December 1812). Which of these aspects is the key? Both are manifestations of the same contradiction Geo-Strategic Global, because even though you want is no longer possible to separate what is happening in Colombia of the Bolivarian social developments of the process. There are countless social facts, politicians and diplomats during the past 8 years that so confirmed, but for now we just cite two of the most prominent opposing visions at the time: The article "It's not fiction, is actually" written on 02.06.08 by the former chancellor lucid Venezuelan Jose Rangel and Sunday against the rapid replica Imperial given in Medellin few hours later by the current U.S. secretary of state Mr Negroponte, under the insulsa meeting of the OAS, in which he said have no doubt that the Venezuelan Government's policy pledges "seriously" the International Security and the U.S. in the medium term, and compared to which his government which has the wonderful tool of Plan Colombia. He wrote the former chancellor Bolivariano Rangel this remarkable and well-supported opinion "There is a danger of magnificent Uribe government. But I think that is something plot against Venezuela. The immorality of that government; how trampling on the principles, which reveals the episode of the parapolitics and narcopolítica; buying votes for Uribe to ensure re-election, the military attack to a sister nation like Ecuador and the underestimation of the slaughter of 25 people, and, worse, boast of the fact that something is advised not lower our guard. But there is more. A few days ago appeared in an interview in El Nacional reporter Marian Diaz Marval the Commander General of the Colombian Armed Forces, General Freddy Padilla. It was an interview emblematic for many reasons. Above all owned by speaking with the military commander-revealing his mastery of the situation, and the forcefulness of responses to the journalist. And something even more important: how the overall Padilla confirms the final implementation of the military doctrine of self-defence and pre-emptive strike. When asked if the Colombian military are willing to do an operation similar to that conducted in Ecuador, where confirm that there is a FARC camp in Venezuela, General Padilla responds without hesitation: "In Colombia we have the international concept of self-defence ". More clearly not sing a rooster. The Colombian FAN are ready to repeat the brutal attack of Ecuador, guided only by their intelligence services and taking the decision without consulting anyone, even against Venezuela. From left side of international law and dispute resolution bodies such as the OAS and United Nations. The emphatic affirmation of the important Colombian military chief, complements the geopolitical and strategic approach outlined by Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos during his visit to Washington. On that occasion he said: "U.S. must change its geopolitical goal, instead of the Middle East, Latin americas where oil reserves are the largest in the world." Asked obvious, where are the largest oil reserves in the world? In Venezuela!. I am convinced that a government such as remotely piloted Uribe-controlled by a warrior-like Bush, who's going through a difficult internally trance due to institutional and moral collapse of the country can embark on any adventure. There are attitudes and information that confirm this. When Uribe risked a business relationship as favorable as the Venezuelan, and even if Chavez ignores the offer at the meeting in Hato Grande affix to the binational agenda the issue of the delimitation of marine and submarine in the Gulf of Venezuela-historic aspiration of the Colombian State, gives a signal that pursues other goals. Objects that somehow we must relate to both approaches of General Santos Padilla as the minister. From far you can see the bojote. (Recommendation free: in this context is one thing expectant shake hands and other lower our guard) ".. Analysis concrete that we must connect with the public response given by the government of Uribe Velez and deployed throughout their media propaganda apparatus, the latest communiqué of the reconstituted FARC Secretariat (more prepared than a stew said Leon Valencia), which was read Jimenez Timoleón by announcing the death two months ago, the legendary Manuel Marulanda Velez, and in which they express their unrestricted availability to reach a humanitarian agreement and seek a political solution to the real historical social Colombian armed conflict. What is the answer to this political statement? Continue drunk of the bicoca offering rewards of $ 100 million by the corpse of Marulanda Velez, while advertising through the newspaper's defense minister Colombian Weather-Planet, rugged photographs of his "invincible military offensive" and which are graphic documentation of a war crime: the indiscriminate use of heavy artillery in an internal conflict and against civilian populations. It seems that legendary Marulanda, who laughed so often these and countless military offensives oligarchy-invincible Imperial, to catch her body alive, now dead after roots and become a leafy tree jungle, continue to haunt like a ghost from beyond , Frustration and hatred of the mummy of General condecorada Korean Valencia Tovar, who after 44 years after he started his capture stops in Marquetalia, never, even millions of dollars to invest, could never disappear kidnap him and his corpse as it did with the priest Camilo Torres Restrepo. Much less now that the village of Marquetalia became universal

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