Monday, June 2, 2008

Maoists proclaim parallel government in Chattisgarh

The Maoists in the State of Chattisgarh took control of the entire tribal belt stretching from Abujhmar,Bastar and Dandagaranya and have announced the formation of and functioning of their first-ever parallel ‘revolutionary government.’
The Maoists ‘government’ has also announced the formation of ‘ministries’of agriculture, finance,,judiciary, health, school, culture and forests.
The Chattisgarh government appears to have completely lost control of this remote tribal dominated region, over which soldiers belonging to the dreaded people’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) hold sway.
While the Maoists health ministry is creating awareness on family planning and hygiene, the education ministry has come up with its own version of revolutionary history.Attacks on the government-sponsored ‘Salwa Judum’ movement is a part of the ‘red’ syllabus.
A top central committee member, Comrade Sonu said that they had rejected the imperialist history and were teaching tribals about the revolution of great heroes from their tribes.
The Maoists plans to set up similar revolutionary governments in other Maoists infested states like Jharkhand and Orissa.Though there is no foreign ministry as such, the highest policy making body, the central committee maintains links with the co-ordination committees of Maoist parties and organizations in South Asia.
The Chattisgarh DGP, Mr.Viswa Ranjan claimed that the police had successfully smashed the Maoists ‘bases’ and the ‘so-called parallel governments have been made’defunct’ by the police onslaught.
Running short of arms and ammunitions the Maoists have also planned to smash any police station.
It is learnt that the Maoists agriculture machinary had taken complete control of forest products, the main source of livlihood of the tribals.Even the prices of ‘tenda patta’(tobacco leaves) are being fixed by the Maoists leaders.The private contractors have been paying more price to the tribals that the price fixed by the government.
The Maoists ‘Judiciary’ controls the kangaroo courts where justice is delivered by self-styled Maoists judges.The local people decide punishments for culprits.
In the wake of the above mentioned political developments in Chattisgarh, it is pertinent to question:
1) Whether an elected democratic government is in power in Chattisgarh ?
2) Whether the UPA government at the centre is aware of these political developments i.e forming of parallel governments by the Maoists in the tribal areas in Chattisgarh etc ?
3) Whether the forming of parallel government in Chattisgarh does not warrant the intervention of the Central government in Chattisgarh ?
4) Doesn’t the formation of parallel government that too by Maoists connote complete break down of law and order and the constitutional machinary in the State of Chattisgarh especially in the tribal areas where Maoists wield considerable influence and control ?

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