Wednesday, May 21, 2008

some Muslim youths of our country are misguided and in their crazy effort to find their identity have joined some terrorist organisations. This is als

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IT IS never a matter of surprise that the anti-terrorism campaign of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) cohorts is nearly always anti-Muslim. Since the Babri Masjid riot masterminded by the BJP leader Advani, this anti-Muslim stand makes the anti-terrorism campaign of the party unacceptable and unreliable to a vast section of people in the country.

In a similar way, their campaign against terrorism over the Jaipur blasts is not fully credible. Today it is with a clear motif. BJP is very vocal about the anti-terrorism policy of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government. This is something like fishing in dirty water. In Jaipur, the terrorist movement seems to have been masterminded by Muslim-dominated terrorist organisations of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Quite naturally, the BJP is ready to hit the nail while the iron is hot. It started blaming the UPA for its pampering of the Muslims for keeping its vote bank intact. The accusation and counter-accusation will continue.

But what did BJP itself do when it was in power? BJP has been mostly responsible for the adoption of communal vote bank policies even in the states like Gujarat and Karnataka in recent times. Those are openly advocating in favour of Communalism. Time to time, BJP inflames communal passions either through their support to controversial writers like Tasleema Nasreen or their criticism of eminent painters like MF Hussain. The criticisms are all directed towards this fanning of Hindu fanaticism and for giving vent to their anti-Muslim vendetta. This shows that BJP is not at all sincere in fighting terrorism unitedly with the party in power.

The prevention of Terrorism Act is repealed because there is every possibility of misusing it. Anti-terror laws are also not always properly enacted in BJP ruled states, especially when the BJP and its cohorts are always openly campaigning against a particular race of people. True, some Muslim youths of our country are misguided and in their crazy effort to find their identity have joined some terrorist organisations. This is also true in the case of the Maoist or Naxalite. A Maoist or Naxalite can either be a Muslim or a Hindu.

BJP is trying to measure patriotism with yardstick of racism. All Muslims in the country are to be condemned. Thus, BJP in its campaign against terrorism, always makes the Muslim feel vulnerable. Even in a state like Karnataka where educated Muslims find their identity as an integral part of the state culture feel threatened by the biased anti-Muslim view of BJP. In Gujarat or Karnataka, all anti-terrorism rhetoric of BJP may be branded as playing Hindutva politics.

The pseudo-secular wisdom of the Congress is to be blamed for all this. Their delay in giving the presidential approval of the anti-terrorism laws is also no less responsible for the anti-Muslim campaign BJP in Jaipur or Karnataka.

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