Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Maoists want to join hands with anti-CPI(M) forces

KOLKATA: Vowing to fight ruling CPI(M) in Maoist-dominated areas of West Bengal, the Community Party of India (Maoist) on Tuesday asked all anti-CPI(M) forces in the state to join hands with it for a common cause.

''The CPI(Maoist) is determined to resist all forms of violence, inroad of corporate houses in agriculture, SEZs and its forces shall crush the paid killer gangs of CPI(M) operating hand in glove with para-military and police forces in our areas,'' state secretary of the outfit Kanchan said in a statement.

He said CPI(Maoist) would strive to forge unity with all forces opposing the 'social fascist' gangs of CPI(M) and make a common cause with all victims of 'CPI(M) gangsterism and state terror.'

On the agriculture-versus-industry issue, the Maoist statement accused Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee of giving a short shrift to agricultural workers by pandering to the globalisation lobby which is 'poised for corporatisation of agriculture, contract farming, SEZs and shopping malls on agricultural land.

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