Friday, May 16, 2008

Karkala: Naxals Strike in Western Ghats; Duo killed at Sitanadi

Karkala, May 16: Reports of a suspected Naxal attack killing two persons at Sitanadi near Hebri was reported on Thursday, May 15. The victims are identified as Bhoja Shetty (57) and Suresh Shetty(50), both residents of Sitanadi. The incident occurred while Bhoja Shetty and Suresh Shetty were returning home after visiting a shop at Tingale

The Naxals suddenly attacked the duo when they were opening the gate of the house . It is believed that about 4 to 5 persons suddenly opened fired and emptied about 10 15 rounds on them. They later they fled the scene after throwing some handbills on their bodies. Sources informed that Bhoja Shetty succumbed to injuries on the spot and
Suresh Shetty died on the way to the hospital.

A few years ago Naxals had attacked Bhoja Shetty alleging that he was a police informant. But somehow he escaped with his life. This time he was not lucky. He fell prey to the assassin’s bullets. Bhoja Shetty was a school teacher in Seetanadi. He was also a BJP activist in the area. He had infact breeded an enmity with the naxals who had cautioned him not to inform the police about their movements. Call for Boycott:

Recently, Naxals had asked the locals there to boycott the assembly elections. Therefore, the Election Commission has deployed additional forces which include Anti Naxal Forces and central paramilitary forces in the Naxal infected areas of the state. These forces carried out a march-past in Hebri town on Wednesday, May 14. But the Naxals proved the existence of their strong base at the bottom of Western Ghats by killing two persons.

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