Saturday, May 10, 2008

DESAM puts up case against arming people

Imphal, May 09: Sharing its thought on the move being made by the State Government to arm the people of Heirok and Lilong Chajing Konjeng Leikai through creation of 500 SPO posts for fighting against insurgents, Democratic Students' Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) has categorically stated it is not the solution to the problem and demanded the Government to come up with a construction policy instead of arming the people.

Addressing a press conference in this connection at its office, DESAM vice president LC Santosh observed that such a move would only create more problems instead of going any good.

So the people of Heirok and Lilong Chajing should think over thoroughly before accepting the offer of SPO posts from the Government, he said.

Such arrangements that have been put in place by the Central Government at Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and other Naxalite infested areas to fight against the Naxalites through setting up of SPO units called Salwa Jadum have failed.

Instead of suppressing the Naxalite movement, it has rather fuelled the movement.

Similarly he Village Volunteers Force and Village Guards that were formed to counter the activities of the Naga rebel groups have also come to naught, Santosh said, while maintaining that suppression of insurgent movement in Punjab was possible not through arming the people but as a result of moral degradation among faction riddled armed revolutionary groups.

In the existing volatile situation of Manipur, recruitment of SPOs by the Government would not serve the purpose at all.

So the Government to review its move and think on the line of coming up with a constructive policy which is acceptable to all, the student leader suggested.

As to the proposal of Heirok JAC for setting up a trial court to deal with the problems created by the UG groups, Santosh said it should be taken as a warning signal by all the UG groups and a pointer by the civil organisations and intellectuals of the State.

Otherwise, the situation of Manipur would be no better than 'war of all against all'.

Recalling that Heirok JAC had already expressed reservation against deployment of the SPOs beyond the boundary of their respective localities, Santosh contended that the assertion of the DGP that many people have turned up for the recruitment was not something surprising in view of the unemployment problem and it should not be construed as full support of the public to the Government's move.

The student body has also reportedly started a campaign to generate awareness among the people on the issue through distribution of pamphlets and leaflets containing 11-points related to its stand on arming the people and recruitment of SPO posts in Heirok and Lilong Chajing.

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