Friday, May 9, 2008


NANDIGRAM, May 8: A group of alleged CPI-M cadres posing as Maoists were seen frequenting Tekhali bridge in Nandigram today, in the run-up to the polls beginning 11 May here.
Local residents, who recognised one of them as Mona, said, “This person helped the Bhumi Ucched Pratirodh Committee (BUPC) to fight against the CPI-M cadres last year. He is a close associate of one Narayan, who brought a few Maoist cadres ~ all of them Mandis ~ during that trouble period in Nandigram. At first they fought for BUPC activists but later their identity was disclosed to the BUPC leaders. They were actually CPI-M cadres and they appeared before the BUPC leaders in the guise of Maoist cadres to help the BUPC. Pretending to be rescuers, they said they had come to help the BUPC as the latter was fighting against the CPI-M. But, it was not their actual motive. They came here as agents of CPI-M to spy on the Opposition’s activities. Later, their identity was disclosed and they fled from Nandigram.”
While narrating their activities, local residents also said, “These CPI-M activists entered the strife-torn area, adding a new twist to the already bloody turf war. Many were killed till armed Marxist cadres forcibly ‘recaptured’ Nandigram with the police looking the other way in November last year. The chief minister Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee had made a faux-pas when he said the Opposition ‘had been paid back in their coin’”.
When asked about the matter, a senior BUPC leader said, “We fell in their (CPI-M) trap. We could not recognise them at first. So, we sought their help initially. But, in January this year, when our leaders went to Haldia court to attend a hearing for a case filed against them by the CPI-M, Mona suddenly appeared in the court. They came on a bicycle. A Maoist cannot come in the court openly, which created suspicion around him. He was later chased by our leaders and he disclosed his identity. Mona is a resident of Chaityannapur and his co-associate Narayan is residing at Haldia”.
Mr Abu Taher, a BUPC leader said, “Last year, Buddhadeb Bhattacherjee had said Maoists headed by Narayan had entered Nandigram. But, now it is proved to us that Narayan is their party activist. And his party leadership Mr Laxman Seth had laid a trap before us when we were in trouble”.
Mr Ashok Guria, a district secretariat member of the CPI-M brushed off the allegation saying the Opp-osition has connections with the Maoists and had used their help to oust CPI-M supporters from their houses. “This time, they are trying to blame us. But, people will react in the panchayat poll by exercising their right in our favour,” he said. Asked about the matter, Mr SS Panda said, “I have no reports about the presence of Maoists. If it is correct, we will take action properly."

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