Saturday, May 3, 2008

Children and Judiciary System in India

Quality institutional Care- Alternative for Children Uttar Pradesh (QIC-AC) is an initiative by UP based voluntary Organizations working in Allahabad, Varanasi, Badaun, Meerut, Lucknow, Sonbhadra, Bahraich, Mirzapur, Kaushambi and Ambedkarnagar for the rights, dignity and development of children living in the most difficult circumstances. This organization is also working for the social emancipation of child labour and children in servitude.

The concept of QIC-AC UP was established by the said organizations dedicated to Child Rights. Its activities for the rights of the child was originated in 2005, but was formally established as an organization in January 2006.
The basic thrust of organization was to involve all the partners and groups committed for the cause, from the very beginning in all the process and development with their active participation and ensuring their ownership for the cause and accountability for the same. Collecting information regarding the orphan, deserted and other children who are in need of care and protection is their intervention area. We see violation of the rights of children in rural and urban areas alike.

In the process the organizations came to the common understanding to work on the issues and develop an implementation mode because on one hand, country like India is advocating for the rights of the child and on the other hand violations of the Rights of the Child by the state is increasing day by day. This is not only contradictory to each other but also conflicting reality of the rights of the child movement. This sort of problem also found in areas of Juvenile Justice.

QIC-AC struggling for child right and its alliance organization in their work field feel today every poor people is facing problem with the policy of liberalization. Land, livelihood and Water are being captured by the state so in the name of development leaders and officer should give them to multinational foreign company to fulfill their pocket.

In this condition role of court in our country become important to render the right provided by the constitution to the marginalized, hunger and people who gets harassed with socio economic injustice. In spite of providing any assistance to these poor people Government system is not hearing voice of those organizations who are working for the welfare and justice for that kind of people.

It is seen in several cases government is using law according to their own desire and misleading the court without giving any prior notice to the poor they are snatching two times bread and even demolishing the house of needy and marginalized people, in a moment snatching the livelihood opportunity and they are accepting it right as (administration of law).

In recent few years the corruption of government and executive came forward about misusing the law of labour and worker. Poor people are unable to quench the hunger of their family and to get rid of this nastiest life these people are doing suicide and for little money or are selling their children.

Government make new policy for the children but the premise of policy is up to the paper. Today 35 to 40 percent children are marginalized from the education. We all know what sort of education children are getting in the school. Government officials are filling their pocket from books of the children, uniform and mid day meal, scholarship money.

Thousands of children due to policy of Government are living their life as criminals or they are rendering as orphan and spending their childhood in any accommodation provided by the organization as their parent are unable to care them. Various reasons came in front to regularize the childhood of the children like – poverty; scheme is not reaching to the beneficiaries’ people, socio economic hierarchy, less livelihood opportunities in the village, migration in the search of livelihood. If you see the entire situation it takes children toward organizational homes. Government accepts it is a first phase to keep children in emotional crises, social and economical reason behind this concept is children will be properly cared and safe live in housing. QIC-AC did initiative and find children are living worst life than animals in the Government and non – Government organization.

Juvenile Justice Act- 2000 and other related rules were implemented in year 2004 in Uttar Pradesh, which accept family need and importance of the family as important aspect. It is essential to consider the right, caring and safety to the children. Till now no Child welfare society and Adolescence Justice Board is established in 75% districts of Uttar Pradesh.

In this venerable condition every marginalized people or needy people are very much hope and desire towards justice and judiciary should be more conscious than before. Every child should get facility according to their right. Effort of this is to make pressure on the policy maker and state Government for the special initiative to the children.

QIC-AC is a partner forum in Uttar Pradesh which is continuously struggling for the welfare of the children. QIC-AC came in existence in with its alliance organization year 2006. For the implementation of Children rights CRY (Child Right and You) with its partner organization did survey for the children living challenging life and highlight the initiative and special requirement.

Child Right and You in the national movement tried to add Uttar Pradesh and formed QIC-AC. This programme is changing from expedition to national movement in 22 districts of state with alliance organization, media, advocate and teachers with the involvement Civil Society.

Main hope of QIC-AC is on four child rights (Right to live, Right to Development and Right to safety, Right to participation) would emphasis on Right to safety through which centralization advocacy can be done. QIC- AC is restless in this direction.

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