Tuesday, April 8, 2008

“Your power and police have made me a Maoist.

PA Shyna credits her adopting of extremist ideology to police atrocities on her family, writes a letter to the chief minister

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Ever since he became chief minister of Kerala two years ago, VS Achuthanandan has been blamed by his detractors for not rising up to his earlier idealism.

But with all his years in fielding criticism, the veteran politburo member of the CPI(M) may not have been ready for a letter he got on Saturday. PA Shyna, a clerk at the Kerala High Court, gave credit to the chief minister for helping her launch a full-fledged career as a Maoist.

“Your power and police have made me a Maoist. You have given me the political will to involve in political activities instead of just being an ideological sympathiser,” Shyna wrote in an open letter addressed to the chief minister. Shyna (35), an upper-division clerk at the high court of Kerala in Kochi, also tendered her resignation to the registrar via a messenger. She has gone underground for over two months.

The police had swooped down at night on Shyna’s house near Kochi on January 10 on a tip-off that a few Maoists from West Bengal were holding a meeting there. The police took into custody several human rights activists from Nandigram along with Shyna and her children. Though no case was registered, the police insisted that Shyna had connections with banned Maoist groups in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.

The human rights activists went underground after the police raided a house in Perumbavoor, where a top CPI(Maoist) leader from Andhra Pradesh had stayed for a while.

A special team of the Andhra Pradesh police nabbed Malla Raja Reddy, wanted in connection for dozens of cases, from Angamaly in December. Reddy later confessed that he and his aide had come to Kerala in early December.

The police raided Shyna’s house to locate a laptop which belonged to Reddy, after the family fled. Her daughters, studying in seventh and first standards, were ousted from the school. Shyna says that she was advised to stay away from the house anticipating the raid. Citing the case of Abdul Nasser Madhani, she said she did not want to languish in jail for years to prove her innocence.

The police suspect that Shyna and her husband Roopesh hid Reddy in their house. Shyna, a member of the People’s Democratic Front of India, was about to be arrested when she protested the arrest of People’s March editor P Govindan Kutty in Viyyur Central Prison.

She was under the scanner since her protest of the arrest of CPI(Maoist) honcho Raja Mouli by the Andhra Pradesh police from Kerala. He was later shot.

Shyna, who has been associated with workers’ and tribals’ agitations in the state, says she has been continuously victimized since the police intelligence blacklisted her. She says that her probation was extended and promotion denied. She writes in the 15-page letter that she is going to work for the movement she believes in as the government has made her life difficult.

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