Tuesday, April 8, 2008

With the Farc So What?

Since my adolescence in life and in the revolutionary struggle, I took an attitude of solidarity, partnership and cooperation policy with the FARC-EP. And not only with the FARC, but also with other insurgent groups in Colombia and other military-political organizations of the continent and the world.

I never inhibí compared to the intense and persistent campaign to discredit, against the FARC, the Sandinista National Liberation Front, the URNG of Guatemala, the Liberation Front of Vietnam, the ELN in Bolivia, the MRTA of Peru, Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front of Chile, TRP of Argentina, Filipino guerrillas, the insurgency Palestinian resistance in Ireland, the Basque Country, Turkey and many others have made… oligarchies capitalist oppressors terrorists States and especially the world power leading state terror, genocide, massacres and destructive wars worldwide.

Never accept blackmail into allegations of "terrorists", "subversive" and "narco-terrorists" used against him. Do not forget that I have always been Guevara.

As I burlé also from the charge of "looters" against the black population of impoverished New Orleans at the impact of Hurricane Katrina and the criminal negligence of the Bush administration, and also from that campaign he described as "outlaws" to the sectors media and popular in Ecuador that in sub ordinaron compared to the betrayal of Lucio Gutierrez..

Nobody, however, I have seen those supporting armed movements States and exponents of indiscriminate terror, fanaticism and despotism aberrant rampant in the name of the revolution (type Pol Pot, Stalin or Shining Path).

Nor, in another aspect, nobody has seen me in attitude behindist, subordinate or dependent unconditional political allies by our strong or prestigious it is the organization and / or the State that represent Even compared with respectable and admirable leadership historic the Cuban revolution!

Our attitude of solidarity not only has been deployed to the most heroic and honest political-military organizations, but also towards the full diversity revolutionary, anti-imperialist, socialist, communist ... regardless of the methods they employ to fight, their sources of inspiration theory - policy and its historical paths, as long as they are tailored to ethical principles indispensable..

Countless revolutionary organizations and social movements, which have not resorted to arms, have enjoyed our solidarity in electoral scenarios and various struggles, social protests and rebellions cultural..

Now, if someone is looking for partners or allies of the FARC-EP in the Dominican Republic, I must tell you that here is a known and established that the proposed New Left-Circles Caamañistas us all and all friends of the FARC_EP, as well as in other sectors of the left social, cultural and political life, and not a few of the major components of the contingent (as) Dominicans (as) "on the street." Be swept inventing the "thread bollito" and the "ice cream stick at." Be swept inventing the thread bollito "and the" ice cream stick at. "

Swept to ridicule and provided to hidden dirty games, taking the story invented by the CIA and the intelligence of the government narco-paramilitary Alvaro Uribe-publicized recently by the newspaper "El Tiempo" in Bogotá on the alleged seven - "foundations" Dominicans in the service of "terrorism" and on the mysterious seven employees of the FARC-EP.

Swept to give credit to the perverse stupidity of the agents of the CIA station seeding for this purpose by the DCI and other state security organizations, instructed by the "inventor" of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Go to the point, to the concrete.

Come by my house and for all (as) Dominicans (as) we proclaim friends of the FARC-EP and the legendary commander Manuel Marulanda Velez, communist and Bolivarian pure strain. (As) we are many more than seven!

What is there not need glasses, much less the microscope Orlando Martinez, who was murdered 33 years ago by representatives of the same kind of promoters of this evil campaign.

Have courage: if you dislike our attitude, aprésennos, acúsennos, and procésennos. And be sure we are not going to amilanar or intimidate.

And this is true for calieses and local law enforcers, CIA agents, and general hanging knife, Interpol and all the weedy that swarm around here and in the world.
Leave the toilet with his blackmail. Leave the toilet with his blackmail.

Yes, I reiterate, I visited camps of the FARC-EP, I am a friend and ally of their commanders and their guerrillerrada, I had several years ago with the commanders Marulanda, Raul Reyes, Jorge Briceño, Joaquin Gomez ... I have interviewed more recently several times with the commanders Ivan Marquez, Jesus Santrich, Lucia and Rodrigo Granda.

So what?
What you want!

And journalists and friends of the SIP of the CIA who are tempted to do with this media terrorism, I suggest earnestly take into account that in this country there is fertile ground for this evil and less against us (as).

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