Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ukraine Communist Leader Says Cuba is Example of Solidarity

In an interview published Monday by Granma daily, Simonenko appreciated Cuba's medical assistance to the victims of the nuclear radiation in Chernobyl and said it is an example of the solidarity of the island with other countries.

Ukraine's political authority said that during his visit to Cuba he has seen the work of the island's Communist Party bringing together all the militants and the people to strengthen unity and its ideology. "Our Party, he added, supports Cuba against the American blockade and will work to broaden relations, including trade deals, between Kiev and Havana."

Simonenko explained that his country suffered the consequences of the fall of the socialist countries and the disintegration of the Soviet Union that caused the loss of 3 million militants. Today the party has currently 100,000 members and its structure has grown stronger and has its own media, he noted.

He recalled that in 1990 Ukraine was part of the most developed countries of the world. "We had 50 million inhabitants and as an average each person would produce one ton of steel and one ton of cereals. "

"The reality is different today," he went to say adding that his country fell before the capitalist regime under the United States pressure through the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other institutions that have demanded reforms, while destroying the state property that was practically given away to the private sector.

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