Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tamil Nadu STF kill hardcore Naxalite

Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu), Apr 20 (ANI): A team of Tamil Nadu Special Task Force (STF) on Saturday gunned down a Naxalite in the Kodaikanal forest.

The STF gunned down Ravin Prasad (43), while three of his aides managed to escape.

Three of the alleged Naxalites escaped. The slain had received arms training at Dharmapuri and was an expert in handling various sophisticated arms, said police.

It was the first armed encounter with the extremist group in six years. Attempts by rebels to make inroads into Tamil Nadu are becoming apparent, said the police.

The police got information that at least five hardcore rebels were camping in a tribal village and then it started combing operation two days ago.

Prasad was involved in three earlier cases. The police are now looking for those who escaped, said a senior police official.

The police also said that Prasads killing would be a setback to the Naxalites efforts to widen their base in the Teni District (ANI)

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