Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Salwa Judum has Failed..? Questions...............

Source :Directly From Bastar

Right now there are 23 Salwa Judum camps.

14 in Bijapur District and 9 in Dantewada District.

Camps in Bijapur dist are Bijapur,Gangalur,Cherpal,Melasnar,Mirtor
,Bhairamgarh,Matwada,Janglaa,Kutru,Bedre,Parsegarh,Awapalli,Usur and Basaguda.

Camps in Dantewada dist are Dornapal,Polampalli,Jagargunda,Konta,Injram,Errabor and Maraiguda.

Figures show that there were 18900 inmates in camps of Bijapur district on 20-9-2007 which stands at 5936 on 29-2-2008. Similarly in Dantewada dist the figure has come down to 28000 from 52000.
So there is decline in no of inmates of SJ camps. Why ..?

Where all these people have gone..?

Have they returned to their villages..?

What tempted them to return to their abondened villages and burnt homes..?

In view of above figures and recent SC decison,can it be said that

Salwa Judum has Failed..?

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