Friday, April 4, 2008

Photo of Somuru ( Escaped)

One of the victims wife and Children's in back ground
Bodies of three person was found buried under the sand on the banks of river Indravati
which the police claimed were the victims of naxalites actually one inspector by the surname patel,few cops and spo had gone to this village and abducted 4 people
the photo is one of the surviver who managed to escape it seems all the people and the spo (Special Police Offer, Salwa Judum Goon) were drunk.All the three were beaten to death by Patel and his men.Later the widow of the three went to the SP and they also said the same story that their husbands were taken away by the police and later killed two of the women still have their 7 year and 10 year old kids at the SJ camp which the police is not giving them back

Sources words

''Bhai (Brother) I feel its the frustration of the people who are running Salwa Judum''

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