Saturday, April 5, 2008

Photo ID of Somaru's three freind killed by the Police

This post is a continuation of the post which I made yesterday about a tribal boy named Somaru,who managed to save his life from the clutches of drunken Police and Salwa Judum SPO's. (CLICK HEADING TO READ HINDI ARTICLE FROM DAILY CHAITSGARH)

But his three fellow villagers were not so lucky.There names are Madda Madkami age 35 years,Musi Madkami age 35 years,Andha Mandavi age 30 years.All were resident of Village- Matwada,Block Office-Bhairamgarh,District-Bijapur.

Their fault was very simple that they wanted freedom from Salwa Judum Camps.They wanted to o back to their villages and feel free.

But as the story goes,how can this helpless tribal go against the powerful system.The system which includes The Politicians,Businessmen,Police,Government officials and others.Why will this system let tribals go back to their homes and make the Salwa Judum Camps empty when they have been making millions from the camps for the past three years.

Anyways why would naxalites kill the tribals who are going back to their villages?Infact they have distributed Pamphlets in and around SJ Camps asking people to leave camps and go back to their home.And why won't they want tribals to go back because they are always a help at the time of crises even for them.

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