Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pamed encounter-How the tally of killed naxals at Pamed became 17 from 13 in one day??????

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Bhusaram Kartam, about 30 years, son of Muda, lives in Busaras Village, Police Station Gadiraj, District Dantewada (80 km away from Kansall Village). His testimony is based entirely on what his wife told him, as he was not there that day.

They were three brothers (Haddma, 28; Buddra, 22 and Bhusaram). His father Muda passed away seven years ago. Haddma and Buddra lived in Kansall Village - Pamed Police Station, District Bijapur. They work in agricultural field/cultivate the forest land. Haddma is married to Admey, about 25 (no children). They were married for three years. Buddra is not married.

On Tuesday, March 18, 2008, a group of 40-50 police officers came to Kansall Village on foot at 11 am. All the police officers were speaking Telgu language and one person was speaking Gondi (tribal dialect). This led them to assume the police officers were from Andhra. They were all in uniform (like CRPF). These police officers entered into the home of Haddma and dragged him out.

Officers entered Madda Madvi's house at the same time (son of Anda). This house was near Haddma's. Madda, about 30, was the father of two daughters (Ungi, 7 and Muye, 4). They dragged him from his home (officers had surrounded the homes). They also beat him with the butt of their guns (according to what Anda's wife told him). At this time, the wives were shouting at the police officers. (ie. why are you doing this?) The police then carried the two men on foot (Haddma and Madda) into the forest, along with two other girls aged about 21 or 22. At this point, they were all still alive. It was approximately 1 km from the village to the forest.

Anda had been drinking salphi (country liquor) in a nearby house. When he heard the women shouting, he came and saw the police officers taking Haddma and Madda and he asked the police not to take them. The police officers just hit Anda in the chest with their elbow and he fell down. He was afraid so he didn't move.

Some officers remained in the village while others dragged the four people into the forest.

Madda's mother, Bijje; Madda's wife, Idmey; Haddma's wife, Admey; and Haddma's mother, Bagi, followed them into the forest and heard gunshots. Four women in total (two wives and two mothers) followed the police and the men into the forest. They didn't walk together. Haddma's wife Admey saw them shoot the four people and then take the bodies away. They don't know where. Anda and Bhusaram have not seen the bodies.

Anda asked villagers nearby if they have seen police officers with dead bodies. Kansall village is situated near Gundrya (2 km apart). Gundrya villagers confirmed that police were carrying dead bodies when they walked through their village. Several men from Gundrya carried the bodies to Nipuram (5 km from Gundrya). Anda can identify two of the men. they were paid 530 Rupees to carry the dead bodies to Nipuram.

Admey informed Anda that the four people had been killed. Anda had three sons. Madda has been killed; two are still alive.

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