Thursday, April 17, 2008

Motives behind the murder of Raul Reyes

Picture One )A U.S. Army Special Forces soldier teaches counterinsurgency techniques to a Colombian army unit. Photo: Garry Leech

On 1 March 2008, the camp was razed to the ground where he was the Commander Raul Reyes in Ecuador. Murdering 24 people, 19 guerrillas, 4 Mexican students who were investigating the Colombian conflict and an Ecuadorian citizen.

Collaborating ANNCOL

There are eleven detainees including several wounded. All are missing, only two Colombian appeared injured and one Mexican.

The murder of Raul Reyes had several motives; first, sabotaging the work it is doing the FARC at the international level, people mistakenly believe that with this crime manage to break the contacts we have around the world; second show success of Plan Colombia and Patriot after 6 years of operations; third. Prevent the possible release of Ingrid Betancur through humanitarian exchange that was being managed with the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy, President Hugo Rafael Chavez and Senator Piedad Cordoba and, fourth, the most important measure the pulse to the Continent, especially Part Andina.

Everyone knows that the rule has assigned to Colombia and President Alvaro Uribe Velez, the sad role of sabotage, halt and eliminate processes that have been taking place in Latin America, especially Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. With this barbaric act, which violated the sovereignty of Ecuador, was sought to intimidate these countries with blackmail.

Calculaban Uribe and Bush, who before the assault, Ecuador had to be silent because the media in Colombia had already mounted the novelón the collaboration of Rafael Correa and Hugo Chavez with the FARC. Faced with the world accusing assist terrorism and the drug trade, serve as a warning to any other country that would be defending the exchange humanitarian and political solution to the social and armed conflict in Colombia. Specifically peace.

Picture : U.S. Army Special Forces weapons in Saravena, Arauca.

It is a new version of the Condor Plan, excluding any In Colombia, trade unionist, human rights defender, political activist or social researcher could be accused of terrorism and being persecuted, tortured, murdered or imprisoned. If you are looking to save lives in another country, he must apprehend and deport him to Colombia immediately, if you do not, will be charged with terrorism and will fall on that country's fury and bombs Uribe with the support of Bush.

Colombia has the largest military force in Latin America: an army of 210,000 troops over 140,000, police with the intelligence structures joined 400 thousand people, surpassing Brazil which has 8 times the territorial extension and four times the population of Colombia .

The military expenditure in Colombia reaches 6.5% of GDP. The United States, investing in military spending 2% of Gross Domestic Product, the countries of South America are spending 5 times less than Colombia. It means that Colombia is preparing for a war that is not exactly against the insurgency and drug trafficking.
Picture:A Displaced camp in Colombia

Bush and Uribe continues in his attempt. Plan Colombia has led to a "help" from the U.S. From 5,400 million covered the years 2000 to 2007, 4,400 military expenditures for these millions, it is estimated that by 2008 will come to 7,000 million dollars. For its part Colombia has invested in the plan, 6,950 Millions of dollars… how many schools, hospitals and jobs could have been created with this money?
Picture: U.S. Army Special Forces communications equipment in Arauca.
There are currently 800 military trainers in Colombia and 600 American contractors, are conducting counter-insurgency operations in practice is a silent speech. These instructors are in different military bases: Three Corners and Larandia in the Department of Caquetá; Tolemaida Palanquero and in the Department of Tolima; Saravena in the department of Arauca; Marandúa in the Department of Vichada; Apiay in the Department of Meta, Cerrejón Department de la Guajira; Catan in Bogota; Marco Fidel Suarez del Valle in Cali Department and Rio Black, in the Department of Antioquia, from those bases monitored throughout the country and something else.

American officials have trained several battalions and have given all of its military hardware, have trained hundreds of officers and non-commissioned officers in different specialties, but particularly terrorism, a number of them are being tried for massacres, torture and disappearances, these officers captured hundreds of people who were handed over to the paramilitaries for the descuartizaran and bury them in mass graves.

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