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FARC charges Alvaro Uribe of “terrorist with a presidential sash

Caracas, April 1 ABN.- Under the title “Dark terrorist”, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), through press release, explained the reasons why the process of peace and release of captives has been complicated, charging the Colombian president, Alvaro Uribe, of “terrorist under a presidential sash” and “fascist puppet from Washington.”

Following the complete text of the FARC, published by ABP.

“The dark terrorist”

By: Ivan Marquez, member of the FARC-EP Secretariat/Colombia

Here is one alive! –they yelled in the dark. Shoot him! –they answered. And then the shootings... That is how the troops from Uribe Velez performed, the international terrorist and puppet from the United States, when consolidating the capture of Raul Reyes' camp. Several of the injured were killed off with coups de grace.

At 00:25 of that March 1^st , a missile stunned with a din the camp's heart. No airplane or helicopter were heard. The missile had been shot by the Yankees from the air force base Tres Esquinas, in Caquetá. From South to North entered the land troops, which had been noticed on the area since February 26^th . There would not be a meeting with the French delegation to explore Ingrid's freeing. There had dead Raúl Reyes, some of his guerrilla members and some Mexican students who were visiting the place. As Commander Manuel said, “they killed Raúl and they seriously damaged the swap of prisoners and the peace.”

The “Israel” from South America –Colombia– and the country which receives more military aid and millions of millions of dollars from the government of Washington in the region had played safe, with the consent of his lord, with the satellites and military high technology given by the government of the United States.

The outrageous lie of a hot pursuit could not resist the attack of the truth. It fell down at the first analysis, uncovering the most dreadful infringement to the territory, sovereignty and dignity of a brother country. And as they had already made their treachery, they tried and keep trying to turn the victim nation into victimizer. For that reason as dogs of prey they bark the doctrine of limited sovereignty, unacceptable sophism and excuse from the White House to attack and plunder our nations, precarious ruse which will not work to conceal the infringement to the international law of Our America. The answer from the Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, to mister Uribe was proud and conclusive: “your insolence is more damaging than your murderer bombs. Stop the fallacies!

The world could not forget that afternoon in Santo Domingo, when mad Alvaro Uribe covered with insults the already dead Raúl Reyes, calling him a coward and dark terrorist, words which might be ascribed to the terrorist with presidential sash, who in the name of the narco-paramilitary forces which succeeded the cartels of Cali and Medellin, took the Nariño Presidential palace.

The death of Raúl Reyes and the subsequent murder of Iván Ríos were followed by the most irrational triumphalist elation of the Colombian oligarchies. The hysterical fascism –the same which calls to stone extraordinary women like Piedad Cordoba– shocked the country commanded by the Santos, gossaínes and arismendys. They threw up all their hatred and filled the electromagnetic space with manipulated informations, shot off hands, rewards and toads, fusses of victory and urging to “fumigate” the insurgency. They became uncovered and came out thinking that they were sealing the victory of the final battle. Their most terrible anathemas desecrated the corpses of the fallen with the same lack of mercy of the paramilitaries with their victims.

They will endure the same as marshal Monet, who believing to have the ensure victory on the Ayacucho camps, with unbounded optimism launched to exterminate the invincible Sucre and Bolivar.

Through a microphone, General Attorney Mario Iguaran showed his horrifying dilemma: labeling or not as homicide the killer of commander Iván Ríos and his partner. And on the other hand, general Rangel Mora boasted of the 400 thousand officers from the official Armed Forces compared to the 50 thousand from Ecuador and the 70 thousand from Venezuela. The experience of the Colombian soldiers is greater, -he said. “We are light-years away and not only from Venezuela because our pilots are used to fight during the night.” And perhaps he is right, but the problem is that his light analysis does not take into account the FARC, nor the people of the Greater Colombia. A FARC free to advance is not a contemptible affair, and even less is they do it surrounded by rebel people, determined to go out of the horrible night of oppression.

They are forgetting that the complete Colombia is a social powder magazine about to blow up. Uribe dismissed forever from his speeches, the social programs. He only talks about war and hate and he makes it from the military garrisons and from the police school of General Santander, He turned his Communal Councils into the platform of demagogy and the shameless deception to the population.

It announces to solve the most urgent needs of the people, but it does not go beyond. There are more than 30 million Colombians who live in poverty. The high cost of living and unemployment are making the majority to starve to death. There is no roof, no health nor education for them. The stripped lands have not been returned to peasants, and more than 4 million displaced continue increasing the misery. There is benefit only for the great investors, main object of the “sacrosanct” Democratic Security policy imposed by the Yankees as a prolongation of the ill-fated Doctrine of National Security.

The infringement to the Ecuadorian security was another of the smoke screens to try to hide all the rottenness and disgraces met of a regime which has turned its repressive arms against the people. They try to cover the obvious links of mister Uribe with narco-para-politics which dishonors the name of Colombia. Nobody should question how can still be president a man whose main bishops are imprisoned due to their shameful ties with narco-para-politics. 90 per cent of the charged congressmen is Uribe's follower.

The vice president and Minister of Defense, misters Santos, cannot hide the narco-paramilitary skeletons in their closets. The paramilitary lords themselves have denounced to have financed Uribe's presidential campaigns with cases full of dollars. Mister Uribe cannot hide his criminal path. He got mixed there to the marrow since he worked as director of the Civil Aviation, post he used to authorize Pablo Escobar Gaviria the operation of hundreds of clandestine landing strip in the jungle, from which the gangster supplied with cocaine the US cities.

Is this to whom Bush and Rice call to support as democratic President and champion of social justice? Have they forgot that he achieved presidency, also, riding a giant electoral fraud set up by paramilitaries and the DAS (intelligence and security service)? This “democratic president” should say where are the 11 prisoners he took from Raúl Reyes' camp, today disappeared. He should answer by the massacres and the thousand of common graves over which he built his government, by the more than 150 thousand citizens imprisoned after his fascist raids. He should answer by the murder of trade unionist and people's leaders, by the extradition to the United States of more than 600 national citizens, renouncing to the legal sovereignty of the country in the midst of the most overwhelming humiliation before a foreign power.

It cannot be a democratic governor who sends his paramilitary hordes to Venezuela in order to kill a President, or who silences before the killing of several organizers of the great march on March 6^th against State terrorism. Actually, Uribe is a “dark terrorist”. State terrorism is his common practice.

The unrest of the Colombia today are the symbols of the beginning of a new era. America is giving birth to Bolivar's era. It is the time of the struggle of the nations and solidarity. We are close to a prodigious historical milestone in which the nations will be protagonists of the change after 500 years of oppression and plundering. We cannot hesitate in this moment. This set of Santander's, neoliberal and pro-Yankees bandits will not deactivate the people's resistance with their subjective and joyful triumphalist arrogance.

The nations from the Greater Colombia should march against the fascist puppet from Washington, against the hysterical hawks which screech threatening their fascist doctrine against the nations of Our America, instigated by the Southern Command.

Colombia needs a people's uprising for the nation, for the political solution to the conflict, against hunger, against war, for the peace, for a new government, for people's democracy and the sovereignty of the people.

We want the nation Bolivar wanted, not the one Santander and then Secretary of State Henry Clay hindered; a new government which tackles the urgent seek of peace with social justice, which gives our people the greater amount of political stability and happiness, which brandishes the bolivarian flag of building in this hemisphere a great nation of republics, which is the “shield of our destiny” and the incessant guarantee of respect and dignity.

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