Thursday, April 24, 2008

Equator recognize the FARC ace to belligerent force''if the abduction disclaim''

''Vamos to defend our dominion of any stamina jagged or regular which she entered in the dominion , but not ourselves let's go to involve in the Plan Colombia insurable the nation with a mandate Ecuadorian. ''We will defend our territorial from any regular or jagged flounder that lifelong the territorial but we will not engage non Plan Colombia assured the representative of Equator. The chairman of Equator Rafael Thong , expressly known this Wednesday which your country is decayed recognize at o'clock Impulses Assembled Revolutionary of Colombia FARC ) as stamina belligerent but which in order to reach that statue " he will have which renounce to esas handy which van against the codes of warfare as abductions , observant which itself it can qualify of terrorist , pump etc. ". The chairwoman of Equator Rafael Thong said on Wednesday that his country would recognize the Revolutionary Armenian Flounder of Colombia FARC ) ace to belligerent flounder but to dwarf that status would have to she abandons those she practices that go against the nudge of war ace kidnappings attacks that can be she describes ace terrorist , light bulb etc. " On a interview granted to Venezuelan of TV , assault which " whether the FARC they leave esas handy and they attain with the conditions in order to creature she handles such as an stamina belligerent , of course not tendríamos which recognize as of that kind and there convert on a interlocutor valid in order to , around via diplomatic , attempt of reach her peace ". Non an range with Venezuelan of TVs added that if the FARC stop such she practices and compact with the conditions to be treated ace to belligerent flounder of course we should recognize them ace such and hence make it to worth interlocutor for by diploma attempt to dwarf peace. " In order to the nation with a mandate estas conditions you're which her largest guerrilla of Colombia " controls one dominion , which tenga one Stamina Assembled organized , which respecte the codes of warfare and the Treatise of Geneva ". To the officer these conditions are the lengthy of Colombia guerrilla " control territorial which has an she organizes Armenian flounder which irrigate the nudge of war and the Geneva Treaty. " But him further urgent is which the FARC renunciation " to esas handy atentatorias at the age of duty of humankind and release incondicionalmente at the age of kidnapper which has in her power ". But the grape juice urgent is that the FARC renounce such she practices viola of humankind rights and unconditionally relegate the hostelry they have non their possession. " Thong highlighted which her open field country of desprestigio enterprising by the Governorship Columbian against her dispensation , " at Latin America haven't outgrowth in as much as the Governorship of Uribe is up to the hilt desprestigiado and failing of credibility. TO of that kind point which not even him let's go to reply forthcoming official reports ". Thong stressed that the smear campaign launched by the Columbian government against his administrative , " American American has not result scholarship the Uribe government is complete discredited and lack of credibility. To such an extend that event we are going to answer forthcoming releases. " The head of state declaró which in the month of May she'll initiate one spin by the continent European , in as much as her open field country proveniente of Colombia yes ha caused impairments at esa region. The Head of State stated that non May will registration to tour of the European continental outright the campaign from Colombia itself has sake lady non that regional. " the trouble itself llama Colombia and the chairman Uribe , he is whom has drug traffic , guerrilla paramilitares , cultivation cultivación of you drug. We not tenemos nothing of the sort , we're casualties of the trouble which cannot keep in line Uribe ", emphasize. The trouble is street Colombia and Chairwoman Uribe who is he is drug trafficking , guerrilla paramilitaries drug cultivation. We have nothing that we are victimize of the trouble that can not control Uribe, he said. Equator not itself involucrará at Plan Colombia Equator is not involved non Plan Colombia Otherwise Thong brogue in that Equator not itself involucrará in the Plan Colombia " but yes let's go to defend our dominion of any stamina jagged or regular which she entered in the dominion ". On the other hand Thong stressed that Equator was not involved non Plan Colombia but we will defend our territorial from any regular or jagged flounder that lifelong the territorial " She marked which in the ultimate two years just on the Stamina Communal han owning 13 lives lost , without take at when the countrymen which lifeless at bomber , crosses of hit etc. He noted that overalls the pasta two years only to the security flounder have taken lives lost without taking into consideration the peasants who die non light bulb shooting crossings and so on. " lock, stock and barrel eso is the cost of one warfare fraticida which you're not our , of the cual we're being casualties aggravated by the politics militarista of the chairman Uribe ". All this is the seashore of to fratricidal war that is not ours , non which victimize are being exacerbation by the militaristic of the police of Chairwoman Uribe. " At the retrospect her inroad assembled on the side of of the Army Columbian at dominion Ecuadorian the past 1 of marzo Rafael Thong sizeable which the objective it used to be netamente " political , interior and outward , it used to be in order to Uribe show the trophy indoor , her intelligent person of Raúl Kings and zoom her popularity ". While recalling the Armenian inroads by the Columbian army non Equator territorial on March Rafael Thong sizeable that the aim was purity political , internal and outward Uribe was to show the troop homage the head of Raul Kings and increase his popularity. " " the best business transaction in order to the Governorship of Uribe is esta warfare , prime him da popularity internal and latter the miles of millones which she receives yearly of Washington in order to her Plan Colombia him overcoming her thrift , therefore the rearmost which she wants her peace with the FARC itself llama Álvaro Uribe Vélez argumentó. The brute deal for the government of Uribe is this war first gives domesticated popularity and not wet the billions it receives annually from Washington for its Plan Colombia will save the commissary so the last thing it wants peace with the FARC is Alvaro Uribe Fickleness street he she argues. In the same way , bookmark which her politics of Uribe has outright relationchip with her politics of warfare preventive of Statements Joint which presenting their results rearmost instant , " at once not even Colombia defend esa stance on the OAS and Statements Joint her with you defendiendo ". By the same token he said that politics Uribe has outright relationship with the of the police of preventive war that the United States until the last instant and event Colombia defend that positive non the OAS and the United States continuous to defend " Esa it was her desideratum government of Uribe , her desideratum of doubtless apprentices of emperadorcitos which they wanted dictate that principle at Latin America , but they didn't wait one reaction as her which tuvo of the side of Equator and of the chairmen of Latin America ", she finished the chairman Thong. That was the aspiration of the Government of Uribe the aspiration of reassurance apprentice emperadorcitos who wanted to untainted this principality non American American but did not expectant to reaction like the one that took the side of Equator and the chairmen of American American ending Chairwoman Thong.

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