Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dalits, CPM men clash in Khammam

KHAMMAM: Former Naxalite-turned-CPM leader Bandi Ramesh, who hogged headlines during the Mudigonda firing incident, is the news again.

Tense situation prevailed at his native Mujjigudem village of Nelakondapalli mandal today as Dalits tried to enter his paddy fields and attempted to forcibly harvest the crop. Nine persons, including B Appaiah, the local sarpanch, sustained injuries in the incident. Timely intervention by the cops prevented what could have blown into a major clash.

According to information, Bandi Ramesh owns 8.5 acres in the village, which is being contested by the Dalits. The Dalits claim that the lands were encroached upon several years ago by Bandi Narayana, father of Ramesh. They said the land was given to them by the Government.

On Thursday, 200 Dalits, led by the sarpanch, tried to forcibly harvest the paddy crop. However, a 500-strong CPM workers, led by Bandi Venkateswarlu, brother of Ramesh, clashed with them and beat them back.

Bandi Venkateswarlu claimed that his father had purchased the land 30 years ago and denied that they were assigned lands

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