Monday, April 21, 2008

CPI criticises Nepal Maoists

New Delhi, April 20: The Communist Party of India showed its reservation for the armed struggle pursued by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) earlier and said that it "for long toed the wrong ideological proposition". The CPI also criticized the CPN(M) for pushing the concept of Red Corridor, which mislead the youth of the region. The Maoist policy of armed struggle had for long toed the wrong ideology that revolution flows from the barrel of the gun. The CPI has welcomed that the CPN (Maoist) has now got it right by entering the democratic mainstream. The CPI welcomed the CPN(M)’s transition to democratic mainstream in its party mouth piece New Age editorial.

CPI said, "CPN(M) for long toed the wrong ideological proposition that the revolutionary transformation of the society count be brought about only through armed struggle and insurgency."

It said, "Actually, at one stage, it was the main proponent of the idea of the so-called ‘Red Corridor’ from Kathmandu to Colombo. It created a hell of a confusion among several well meaning youth in this region." It said, they too tried to ape the Nepali experiment.

The editorial and said, "There are many in the ranks of several left extremist groups in our country who have been living with illusion. Illusions and self-made concepts are no alternative to a scientific ideology like Marcism-Leninism. Marxism never approved violence particularly individual terrorism."

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