Monday, April 21, 2008

Grupos de Combatientes Populares (GCP)


The crisis that rushed to the economic recession, convulsiona the United States which threatens to drag it to the big imperialist powers and countries dependent and overdue resquebrajando further the capitalist world, responsible for the misery and hunger globally.

Since July last year, when reventará the so-called "housing bubble" that has led to huge economic losses for a number of large and small banks in United States and Europe, the crisis has deepened into a new financial crisis, because high delinquencies of people who purchased high-risk loans (subprime) for housing has led to cash shortages and restriction of credit, the fall of the indicators of the various stock exchanges of the major capitalist countries, which joins the encarecimiento of raw materials, mainly oil that has already passed the barrier of 100 dollars a barrel, and the unstoppable depreciation of the dollar and rising metals prices appreciated as gold, platinum, silver , and so on.

In the unrealistic goal of containing the collapse of banks, insurers and companies, the Federal Reserve (FED-SOW) central bank EE. UU has been forced to lower interest rates going this year from 4.25 to 3%, likewise, Bush sending Congress his country a package of tax cuts in the amount of more than $ 150 million. In addition the government Yankee, trying to find other ways of resolving the crisis, has decided to invest more resources to maintain the aggression and occupation of the territories of Afghanistan and Iraq, threatening other countries, rich in energy sources, subjecting under the so-called "preventive wars".

This crisis in the United States. UU. That is not resolved or settled from the strategic point of view, rushed to the recession, which will be expressed, as is living longer, greater economic stagnation Yankee, with expressions among other things, rising unemployment and of inflation.

This situation has been irradiated like wildfire across Europe, where many banks bought the debts of some financial institutions, looking into the sharing of the cake in the world of speculation, but the tortilla and turned them today suffer heavy losses, this occurs mainly in Spain, Britain, Italy, France and Germany, the latter affected by the allegations of serious fraud prosecutors from banks and transnational corporations.


The huge amounts of money that has left the rise of raw materials, especially of high oil prices, went to the banks of the imperialist countries, the same people who sought to place them credit for continuing speculation and exploitation of workers and peoples. It is known as the capital without movement devalues and loses only if it is reproduced in circulation, removing surplus of workers enslaved by international monopolies thus surrendered without major credit guarantees, skilful and sinister, (sub prime, or so-called "junk"), which in the end could not be cancelled by successive increases in interest rates and the gradual loss of purchasing income of the workers and all those who purchased houses in these conditions.

Today the face of declining demand (entiéndase consumption), are alarmed and taking economic measures that eventually did nothing but prepare and encourage new crisis, which will manifest itself as a financial (money, credit, stocks, etc.). , but essentially rooted in the capitalist private property, because on that basis production is organized so anarchic, reaching the relative overproduction of goods that can not be acquired by the insolvency of increasing demand for workers and people in general.


That pestilence airflow that shakes the U.S. economy. UU. And other imperialist countries, arrive in other economies as a major storm, as always affect the workers and poor of the world. China and India and other countries that have come to be known as "emerging" suffer the consequences of this crisis, just as the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean.

For example, Central America, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and others, will feel the effects, when reduced their exports as a result of low demand American, which operates in such a degree, will also shaken by the collapse of the stock on the world stock market, by the devaluation of the dollar (in particular, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama).

That crisis has turned into recession will be like a whirlwind, will catch the whole world economy or global, as some analysts like to call servile to the imperialist and bourgeois Creoles. It will bring greater anguish, despair, hunger, misery and social epidemic to the masses.


First, it is only fair to point out that Lenin's thesis on the nature of the era are in place. We live in the stage of imperialism and the social revolutions. It is a wise therefore say that the crisis of imperialism can only be determined by the social revolution of the proletariat. THIS TASK SL INAPLAZABLE, THIS THE AGENDA, NO MORE WAITING DILATORIAS AND MOMENTS.

However, it should be noted that for most profound crisis and it will not be solved if, desires or decrees. Only this will be true and effective solution, when workers and people raise their anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist consciousness, organized in its vanguard party, prepare their forces for the fight and move forward in building their revolutionary army, to assume the honorable task to defeat the perpetrators and beneficiaries of the crisis, in other words, to liquidate the capitalist system, which today is the world of predation, exploitation and social inequality of all kinds, on the ruins to start building a new life that will be possible with the introduction of socialist society, which will provide work for all, housing, education, health, welfare and happiness for men and women on the planet.

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