Friday, April 25, 2008

Communique from Antonio Nariño Front-Farc

The General Staff of the Front Antonio Nariño the Eastern Bloc of the FARC-EP informs the public of the capital of the Republic and the Middle Country:

1. In compliance with our financial policy delineated by the plenary of the Central General Staff of the FARC-EP, May 2000, contained in Law 002: tax; committees financial Front Antonio Nariño, have established contacts with companies and individuals Natural interested in paying the tax contemplated in that law.

2. Companies and individuals contacted have expressed an interest in fulfilling this obligation, but at the same time we have requested clarification about the place and persons authorized to make the delivery of the money.

3. In this regard we express to all persons and entities interested in catching up with the law 002, which should not to deliver any kind of contribution in urban areas.

4. All our financial commissions are located in rural areas and as a procedural rule, before receiving any contribution, should agree on a personal encounter with the negotiator or representative of the company or individual in order to ensure the credibility of the commitment.

5. On the other hand stress that none of our units is authorized to seek contributions in kind such as: Remittances, drugs, logistics envelopes, etc..

6. We've found that staff linked to Gaul, and other security agencies of the State, in partnership with common crime groups, charges of money being made on behalf of the FARC-EP, in order to discredit the movement and keep step with money thus obtained.

Mountains of Colombia, April 2008.

Estado Mayor Antonio Nariño fronts.

Eastern bloc.
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army.

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