Monday, April 28, 2008

Communique Farc

As a service to our readers (as) we published the following communiqué of the Secretariat of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army, linked to humanitarian exchange of prisoners of war. The Colombian guerrillas of the FARC have made unilateral releases as a sign of political will for the exchange, but the government of Uribe Velez, dotted with paramilitary activity, has refused to specify such an exchange. The social and armed conflict in Colombia has more than 5 decades.


1. President Alvaro Uribe, empecinado not agree with the FARC-EP the humanitarian agreement, refuses to remove Florida and Pradera in Valle del Cauca. Meanwhile, it is inexorably sinking into the mire of the para-politics, in the blood of more than 150 thousand victims of paramilitary and ignores the suffering of more than 4 million displaced while arropa with the cloak of impunity to its partners narco - Paramilitary worse, balbucea its cynical anti-terrorist language to discredit the legitimate rebellion of the Colombian people.

2. This is a perverse government that uses the dirty war as a way to govern and rewards treason with petrodollars that he sent the White House, stamped by the pain of a heroic people that resists in Iraq. The dignity and loyalty to the people of the guerrillas of the FARC-EP is priceless. Never overlook the Bolivarian dream that our people claimed.

3. Exalts the admirable firmness of revolutionary prisoners of war. Never leave prison ashamed, taking in shoulders the burden of treason, as are convinced that there is no sacrifice useless when it enshrines the supreme interest of the homeland.

4. Along with the names of Sonia and Simon, including our comrade Ivan Vargas, extradited to the United States, in a further sign of servility, the indignity and submission of the Colombian president.

5. The current challenge, the illegitimacy of the regime, is the unity and solidarity to reach a new government that prioritizes the humanitarian agreement and intends to build peace with sovereignty, democracy and social justice.

Secretariat of the Central General Staff of the FARC-EP
Mountains of Colombia

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